Jesus Holds the Talking Stick 


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Prayer for Ecstatic Peace, continued:

O Divine Master, I choose to console others and in so doing find your consolation.

I choose to understand others and in so doing find your love for me.

For it is in giving of ourselves to others that we receive more of you.

It is in forgiving others that we find your forgiveness.

It is in letting the ego die that we are reborn into the eternal life of being the Living Christ–on Earth as we are in Heaven, now and foreverMORE…

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As a recovering Catholic, I have spent many years running away from people who wanted to speak to me about religion.  The only exception to running away was when it was New Age advocates and the topics were spirituality and unanswered questions.  I never dreamed that I would be on the other side of these conversations, but here I am, presenting this website in order to speak from my heart about what I have discovered. For me, it is nothing less than a whole new level of consciousness.

It is, in addition, the most important issue of my life, or anyone’s life, because it both affects and eclipses all other issues.

There are pertinent messages for everyone in these posts.

I ask that you resist your ego’s impulse to turn away. Instead, read more than a few sentences, or more than one post. I think it’s time for all of us recovering Catholics, agnostics, and avoiders to stop running, turn around, and give 21st century spirituality a fair hearing with an open mind.

It’s time to let Jesus hold the talking stick. And he does.

OK, then, to the point:  The ultimate purpose of this website is to direct readers to the words dictated by Jesus since 2002 and presented in several websites by Kim Michaels. There are five in all, including and (These provide links to the others.)

These websites are about the real, living Jesus – not the icon created and layered over by the Catholic Church. They are about his new messages for the 21st century. He is there in discourses of the most exquisite, intelligent, heartfelt, and compassionate content you will read in a long time. Here is a sample:

Do you see, my beloved, humankind’s sense of self can be reborn. As it, indeed, has been many times over the course of history, my beloved. Take a look at the medieval society in Europe, where they believed the earth was flat. It took some time, it was not that everybody woke up one morning and said, “Oh yeah, I now see the earth is round.” No, it took some time. In fact, some people had to die physically and be reborn again into a new environment before they could accept that the earth was round.

But nevertheless, what happened was that the collective sense of self – based on the belief that the earth was flat – died, and humankind’s sense of self was reborn based on the new awareness that the earth is round. So, you will see many of these shifts, my beloved. The renaissance was a period of many such shifts. The industrial revolution, the scientific revolution, brought many such shifts. And science is still serving, to some degree, to bring these shifts, although it has also fallen into taking up the position that the Catholic Church held in the Middle Ages of actually holding back people in a materialistic mindset.

Yet you will see, in coming decades and years, that science itself will indeed be propelled beyond materialism. Materialism cannot maintain its grip on science, just as the old mindset can only maintain its grip on religion and spiritual people for a time. As you indeed see so many spiritual people in today’s age who have moved far beyond the mindset that held the people of medieval Europe in the grips of the Catholic Church.  (May 10, 2009)*

In this passage, Jesus is gently introducing the idea of mankind’s gradually raising its collective consciousness to accept more advanced spiritual teachings from him and other Ascended Masters.

In my heartfelt effort to convince you not to run away yet, I also offer this anonymous yet compelling statement currently floating around cyberspace:

Buddha was not a Buddhist

Jesus was not a Christian

Muhammad was not a Muslim

They were TEACHERS who taught


Love was their RELIGION.

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Copyright by Kim Michaels (2009) used by permission.

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