Of Viruses and Lost Spirits


Consider this:  For centuries, humanity has been plagued by microbes — bacteria, viruses and parasites — that have made life miserable or over too soon. For most of that time, people had no clue what actually caused them to sicken and die. They didn’t know about microbes until very recently. They didn’t know that people could stay well by washing their hands and bodies regularly, and by keeping their food cold and their water clean.

Because people had questionable hygiene habits, they continued to get sick, but they didn’t connect the two. So the chaos continued:  to avoid lice, Europeans shaved their heads and wore wigs instead. They thought water carried disease into the skin’s pores so they avoided bathing. Nobody knew why the plague was unstoppable, and up to a third of the population died while everyone else stood by, helpless and vulnerable.

For thousands of years, ignorance of the facts caused physical illness and suffering.

So now we have vaccines and antibiotics. Good for us, but what if we still don’t get it about mental illness?

If you knew of a simple, inexpensive way to rid yourself or your loved one(s) of depression, anxiety attacks, personality disorders or compulsive behavior (to name a few) with no side effects, would you try it? If you knew it didn’t involve years of expensive meds and/or talk therapy, would you consider it?

Of course you would! but first you would need to get over your outdated conditioned response against the idea of the existence of dark spirits. Or the idea that they are the product of superstitious or ignorant thinking.

Is your mind still open right now, or did it just suddenly clamp shut?

Keep it cracked open a bit and hear me out.

When people didn’t know that bacteria and viruses caused disease and death, the first scientists who isolated the bacteria and viruses were laughed at. They lost their jobs and reputations. The majority of the public was positive they knew their claims to be preposterous — their minds were clamped shut. The open-minded minority had to wait it out to be vindicated.

Do we want to make those mistakes again? I know science has been taking a beating lately, but maybe we need to reconcile science with alternative realities and find a balance. And get used to the idea that life isn’t just about what we can experience, or measure, with our five senses.

“Do not underestimate the power of The Dark Side!” said Darth Vader. A lot of us bought that!

Now consider this:  If Jesus thought it was important enough to drive dark spirits out of several people during his time on earth, who are we to say they don’t exist?

Are we implying by our own disbelief that Jesus was delusional? Who volunteers to tell Him that?….[crickets chirping]….I thought so!

One of the facts of life that Jesus and the Ascended Masters want humans to understand today, in this New Age of Enlightenment, is that in the physical plane of existence, we are continually surrounded and bombarded by imperfect energies, dark spirits and discarnate souls with mayhem or selfish aims on their minds.

That’s fact one from the Ascended Masters. Fact two is that these entities often gain entry into our auras and bodies and cause havoc, including mental illness, unexplained impulses, cravings, nightmares and even murderous rampages — the latter is of the variety we’ve read in the news where someone commits murder in an alcoholic or drugged rage but honestly remembers none of it the next day. What opens us to this kind of takeover is an intriguing list (see below).

Shakuntala Modi, M.D., has written a 630-page scientific treatise detailing her extensive and encouraging research on spirit attachment and spirit releasement therapy. She presents not just the problem, but also the solution. The book is called Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness. She gives many case studies demonstrating what is achieved in 2-3 sessions that traditional treatment can’t achieve in years of talk therapy and drugs.

Dr. Modi — who not surprisingly is East Indian, a nationality that for centuries has led the world in spiritual exploration and achievement — reports that the causes of mental and physical illnesses are attributed to:

  • Attachment by discarnate spirits – instead of going to the Light, some dead people move into living people
  • Attachment by dark spirits – some of which are fallen angels
  • Soul fragmentation and soul loss through trauma and the actions of dark spirits

In New Mexico, a descanso is a roadside shrine to an accident victim. They can range from silk flowers or a flag to elaborate arrangements like this one.

Why do people choose to avoid going to the Light when they die? They may be angry with God, they may think they have unfinished business on earth, they may be afraid to face God, thinking He is angry and judgmental (He’s not), they may not believe in God, they may consider “going to the Light” a played out joke, they may like the house they lived in and worked so hard decorating and can’t bear to part with it, they may not even know they are dead, so smooth was their transition from life to death (it happens a lot). Some people attach themselves to loved ones that they refuse to leave behind.

Unfortunately, when discarnates attach, they bring their baggage with them, which includes what ailed or killed them. Those they attach to, let’s call them “hosts,” absorb that baggage. Hence the host’s mental and physical illnesses that won’t clear up.

The good news is that more and more mainstream therapists are embracing the techniques to remove attached spirits from the living, because these techniques work. They are a gift from the Ascended Masters. We live in interesting times, do we not?

The important thing now is to avoid letting fear of dark energies keep us in continued darkness. Remember, we figured out how to defend against bacteria and viruses, why not dark energies?

In the case of attachment, the host experiences the emotional and physical illnesses and pain of the attached spirit. So if someone died of a blow to the head, the host may experience migraines that may be resistant to standard treatment. Dr. Modi calls on good spirits and angels to help usher the attaching spirits to the Light.

Prior to that, Dr. Modi talks to the discarnates to gather data on what makes a host vulnerable to attachment. Here is a partial list:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Unconsciousness from anesthesia during surgery
  • Sickness and accidents
  • Extreme emotions: anger, fear, hate, depression, grief
  • Ouija boards, automatic writing, attending a seance
  • Channeling without sufficient psychic protection
  • Conjuring games like Dungeons and Dragons
  • Rock music (yeah, I know….snif!)

Dr. Modi writes, “These therapies work. It does not matter what explanation you believe. Patients are freed from their crippling symptoms. As a physician and a psychiatrist, I am satisfied with the dramatic results regardless of the explanation. I have sometimes seen 100% improvement, a complete cure, of both physical and emotional problems in a single hypnotherapy session: a success rate that is far beyond the usual standard for psychiatry.”

So, the choice is ours. We can laugh at Dr. Modi’s ideas or take a chance that she’s right and begin freeing ourselves from whatever plagues us. It’s new territory, for sure, but what is life if not a series of risks taken in hopes of the best outcomes?

Our gratitude will compete with our relief.

In the meantime, I invite you to read this compelling explanation by Jesus himself.

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Jesus Speaks…


The following excerpts from dictations by Jesus are from The Mystical Teachings of Jesus,by Kim Michaels, More to Life Publishing, 2013

ON THE LIVING CHURCH:  I did not intend to become known as the only person to ever walk the earth in the fullness of Christ consciousness. I am a spiritual teacher. The only way for any teacher to be successful is to duplicate himself by raising his students to the same level of consciousness as the teacher. I am the teacher of Christ consciousness, and it was my intention to duplicate myself and to have numerous other people walk the earth in the fullness of their individual Christhood. (page 236)

ON DIRECT COMMUNICATION:  So many people have allowed themselves to believe that they cannot know or experience me directly, that they must go through some outer organization or doctrine. I am not here to condemn or find fault with any organization or doctrine. Yet I must point out to you that you have the ability to commune with me in your heart.

An outer organization or teaching has one purpose and one purpose only, namely to help you rise to a level of  consciousness where you can commune directly with me, your Jesus. If the organization fulfills that purpose, all is well. If it does not then it has shut me out, and therefore it can have no part with me.

Human beings have fallen into a lower state of consciousness, and they need help to get back on their spiritual feet. A person who has fallen and broken a leg might need a set of crutches to learn how to walk again. Before you have learned to walk on your own, you can gain great help and support from using crutches. Yet when you have grown strong and learned to hold your balance, you must decide to take that first step without the crutches. If you insist on holding on to the crutches, you will limit your ability to walk in the Light of my Presence.

There is a way that seems right until a human, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. The false way is the belief that you can reach me only through someone or something outside yourself.

There is also a straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life. The true way is an inner walk with me. These teachings (as any other teachings about me) are not the way. They are meant to point you towards the inner path of the heart. Open your mind and heart to me, and I will show you the true path.

Follow that path, and you will make it back home to our Father’s kingdom, where I am waiting for you with open arms and a heart that overflows with a very personal love for you. (page 15)

ON PROGRESSIVE REVELATION:  The brutal fact about the current state of affairs on planet earth is that human beings have accepted so many lies, so many erroneous concepts, so many unbelievable ideas that even I, Jesus, find it difficult to know where to begin. You have grown up in a culture that is so permeated by erroneous concepts that one might say that your mind is encaged in a labyrinth. The labyrinth has many blind alleys, and it has only one way that leads to the center of being.

I clearly see that human beings are entrapped in a jungle of lies. I also know the truth and reality of God. The problem is that in trying to impart this truth to you, I must begin at your present level of consciousness. I cannot possibly give you truth in its purest form because in your present state of consciousness your imagination simply cannot cope with that truth. Likewise, your free will cannot accept a truth that is so different from the lies and errors that you have come to accept and that you have incorporated into the very fabric of your being — your sense of identity.

Please take a look at the Bible. Please recognize that the Law of Moses was given to a group of people who were trapped in a very low state of consciousness. That is why this law is a set of commandments, saying: “do this” and “don’t do that.” It was given to spiritual children who needed a very simple set of rules. It was aimed at changing their outer actions.

Now, compare the Law of Moses to the higher law that I brought forth in the Sermon on the Mount and other teachings. For example, I said that it is not enough to abstain from the outer act of adultery. You must overcome the state of consciousness that makes you desire to commit adultery. In other words, it is not enough that you do not commit an outer act that is wrong. You must rise above the state of consciousness in which you desire to commit such an act. My teachings attempted to transform people’s state of consciousness.

For anyone with an open mind, it should be easy to see that the teachings I gave 2,000 years ago represented a progression compared to the Law of Moses. The reason for this progression is that between the time of Moses and my appearance in Israel, humankind had progressed. Humankind had risen to a higher state of consciousness, and therefore people were now ready to receive a higher understanding and a higher teaching; even a higher law.

It is completely and utterly amazing to me that some people can seriously believe that the teachings I gave forth 2,000 years ago represent the ultimate or highest teachings that God could ever bring forth on this planet.

Let me make this absolutely clear. The teachings that I gave 2,000 years ago were not the highest or ultimate teachings that God can bring forth on this planet. My teachings were nothing more than the highest teachings that could be brought forth at the time, given humankind’s state of consciousness.

My teachings were incomplete, and they were limited in many ways. That limitation was not due to a limitation on the part of God or on the part of his mouthpiece, meaning myself. That limitation was due to the fact that humankind was not ready to receive a higher teaching. One might say that my teachings represent a measured response to a crisis. It was not the highest possible response; it was the highest practical response.

Today humankind has progressed to a higher state of consciousness, and therefore I can now bring forth a higher teaching than I did 2,000 years ago. This book is but one chapter in my teachings for this new age. (page 29)

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Progressive Revelation: Entertaining Angels in Disguise


Humans are amazing.

We have made great strides in so many areas of endeavor that it boggles the mind.

  • Advances in medicine have relieved much suffering and saved many lives;
  • Designers and engineers have developed and built new technologies to vastly improve the quality of life on the planet;
  • We put a man on the moon for heaven’t sake! And there’s a spaceport a few hundred miles south of where I live.
  • Music was once only work songs, simple tunes accompanied by a drum or flute. Now music is exquisite, complex and layered with texture, rhythm and soaring evocative melodies;
  • We don’t need to harvest, shoot, catch or clean our own dinners anymore. Let’s hear it for division of labor;
  • We have figured out how to do a lot of things more efficiently and effectively.

Yet with all these advances, where is the progress in spiritual attainment and thought? Why are we still reading the same spiritual talking points from sources that are hundreds of years old?

Is it not conceivable that God has more to say than what is in the Bible? Especially given that mankind is faced every decade with increasingly complex and challenging situations to consider, like nuclear war, mass shootings in elementary schools or the idea of assisted suicide to escape terminal illness, to name a few.

Is it conceivable that God knows we could use some divine input on these new developments? Why would God be silent all these centuries while we read and reread the same book? Why is the spirit of exploration stagnant in this all-encompassing area of our lives? Where are the inquiring minds that created so many other achievements?

The Jews of 2,000 years ago did what we should be doing now:  they opened their minds and hearts to Jesus, who was a virtual stranger to them, and then they walked away from their old religion to embrace the new Christianity. The only difference today is that Jesus is speaking to us through messengers using computers instead of papyrus and bamboo stems.  

Nor has He waited for most of us to snap to the fact that He is still a vibrant presence among us. In 2010, He dictated the following (underlining is mine):

I desire you to realize and accept that the written scriptures you have today leave much to be desired. Many things have been subtracted from them for political reasons, not the least of which is the teaching on reincarnation. Other things have been added onto them, once again for political reasons. Furthermore, many things have been lost to honest mistakes in translations and transcriptions.

I am not thereby saying that the current scriptures do not have value. They do indeed have value, and they do indeed contain keys that some souls have used to discover my inner teachings. Yet, for most people the current scriptures simply are not enough to serve as a stepping stone to the discovery of my inner teachings. Therefore, I want you to know that I Jesus Christ do not want you to confine your studies to the current scriptures. I want you to open your mind and heart and seek truth wherever it can be found. Do not limit God’s ability to bring truth into this world. Do not limit God’s ability to bring truth into your heart and mind, even through an unexpected source.

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels in disguise. The truth of God often appears in disguise. Do not reject the truth simply because you do not like its outer appearance. Those who truly want the truth of God must look beyond all outer appearances to the inner truth that transcends this world.


As Jesus was a virtual stranger to the Jews, he is still a virtual stranger to us until we open our hearts and minds to him today. I will reiterate here that his words can be found at and Just a click away. Go ahead, take the leap.
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The Universe is W-A-Y Bigger Than We Think



Photo credit: ESA/Hubble

Years ago, someone explained to me that when they point the Hubble telescope to a dark area between visible galaxies, and re-focus it, they see even more galaxies like those in this image!

That must mean the universe is W-A-Y bigger than we think.

Where else might we re-focus our attention to discover W-A-Y more than we ever expected?

What if, for example, the information in the New Testament isn’t everything Jesus had to say? The Bible itself says that if all Jesus did and said were to be written down, the world itself could not contain the books that would result.

Say what? Does that mean we haven’t yet heard or read everything Jesus came to tell us 2,000 years ago?  I think that’s what it means.

Speaking through his most recent messenger, Jesus has asserted quite compellingly that the original scriptures did not contain the fullness of His message because of purposeful deception and also simple human error. In reading the myriad discourses presented at and, I compiled a short list of some of His corrections and clarifications. Are you sitting down?

  • Jesus did not come to earth to serve as the exception to spiritual attainment, but as the example. He wants us to follow in his footsteps, not put him on a pedestal.
  • He is not “the only Son of God,” but a son of God. Furthermore, we are all sons and daughters of God, fully capable of doing what he did. Jesus is the only Son of God only in the context of His being the divine sponsor of planet earth. Jesus put it this way, “One of the unavoidable drawbacks in this material universe is that everything is a two-edged sword. Whatever you do as a spiritual teacher, someone will misunderstand it and take it to the extreme. My intent for calling God Father was to help all people see that they could relate to God as a loving Father who was always there for them. Instead, most Christians have completely misunderstood my intention and have come up with the idea that I was the only Son of God, and therefore I was the only one who should call God Father. This is a regrettable development but one that was easy to foresee and difficult to avoid.” For the full discourse, see
  • Getting off the reincarnation cycle and into heaven permanently is the responsibility of every individual on this planet. Don’t know how? Ask and it shall be given. I always thought this was just a kind of divine tagline, but it actually works. It’s uncanny how it works.
  • There is no separation between God and each of us. God is not “there” and we are “here” but rather God is within each of us. Hence the term “Oneness with God.” When we accept and affirm this concept, we’re halfway home.
  • No one needs outer religion to serve as a broker between God and us. We can establish our own relationship with God through direct inner attunement. In the meantime, outer religion is good for the social cohesion it provides.
  • Besides the Law of Free Will, God also created the Law of Cause and Effect, more commonly known as karma. It means we can stop blaming God for our suffering. It means we are not victims of circumstances beyond our control. It means that our lives and our planet are our responsibilities because the universe is actually a MIRROR that reflects back to us what we send out as thoughts, intentions and actions. It may take time to come back to us, but it all comes back, good or bad, in this life or the next. And there are ways to cancel out the bad karma before it comes back.
  • God is not angry and judgmental. He is a loving God who only wants us to rediscover the path back to Him. Or as 4-year-old Colton Burpo reported after his visit to heaven, “God really, really loves us,  Dad. You can’t belieeeeve how much he loves us!” (Colton Burpo, of “Heaven is for Real” book and movie fame.)

There’s more.  Go to and

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Jesus Holds the Talking Stick 


Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble


Prayer for Ecstatic Peace, continued:

O Divine Master, I choose to console others and in so doing find your consolation.

I choose to understand others and in so doing find your love for me.

For it is in giving of ourselves to others that we receive more of you.

It is in forgiving others that we find your forgiveness.

It is in letting the ego die that we are reborn into the eternal life of being the Living Christ–on Earth as we are in Heaven, now and foreverMORE…

Copyright 2012 by Kim Michaels


As a recovering Catholic, I have spent many years running away from people who wanted to speak to me about religion.  The only exception to running away was when it was New Age advocates and the topics were spirituality and unanswered questions.  I never dreamed that I would be on the other side of these conversations, but here I am, presenting this website in order to speak from my heart about what I have discovered. For me, it is nothing less than a whole new level of consciousness.

It is, in addition, the most important issue of my life, or anyone’s life, because it both affects and eclipses all other issues.

There are pertinent messages for everyone in these posts.

I ask that you resist your ego’s impulse to turn away. Instead, read more than a few sentences, or more than one post. I think it’s time for all of us recovering Catholics, agnostics, and avoiders to stop running, turn around, and give 21st century spirituality a fair hearing with an open mind.

It’s time to let Jesus hold the talking stick. And he does.

OK, then, to the point:  The ultimate purpose of this website is to direct readers to the words dictated by Jesus since 2002 and presented in several websites by Kim Michaels. There are five in all, including and (These provide links to the others.)

These websites are about the real, living Jesus – not the icon created and layered over by the Catholic Church. They are about his new messages for the 21st century. He is there in discourses of the most exquisite, intelligent, heartfelt, and compassionate content you will read in a long time. Here is a sample:

Do you see, my beloved, humankind’s sense of self can be reborn. As it, indeed, has been many times over the course of history, my beloved. Take a look at the medieval society in Europe, where they believed the earth was flat. It took some time, it was not that everybody woke up one morning and said, “Oh yeah, I now see the earth is round.” No, it took some time. In fact, some people had to die physically and be reborn again into a new environment before they could accept that the earth was round.

But nevertheless, what happened was that the collective sense of self – based on the belief that the earth was flat – died, and humankind’s sense of self was reborn based on the new awareness that the earth is round. So, you will see many of these shifts, my beloved. The renaissance was a period of many such shifts. The industrial revolution, the scientific revolution, brought many such shifts. And science is still serving, to some degree, to bring these shifts, although it has also fallen into taking up the position that the Catholic Church held in the Middle Ages of actually holding back people in a materialistic mindset.

Yet you will see, in coming decades and years, that science itself will indeed be propelled beyond materialism. Materialism cannot maintain its grip on science, just as the old mindset can only maintain its grip on religion and spiritual people for a time. As you indeed see so many spiritual people in today’s age who have moved far beyond the mindset that held the people of medieval Europe in the grips of the Catholic Church.  (May 10, 2009)*

In this passage, Jesus is gently introducing the idea of mankind’s gradually raising its collective consciousness to accept more advanced spiritual teachings from him and other Ascended Masters.

In my heartfelt effort to convince you not to run away yet, I also offer this anonymous yet compelling statement currently floating around cyberspace:

Buddha was not a Buddhist

Jesus was not a Christian

Muhammad was not a Muslim

They were TEACHERS who taught


Love was their RELIGION.

Read more: and

Copyright by Kim Michaels (2009) used by permission.

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