The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 1


This is the first of a series of posts on what the Masters told attendees at a gathering of spiritual seekers in Los Angeles in July 2015. Hours of verbal communication, facilitated by messenger Kim Michaels, included addresses and Q&A sessions by Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, the God and Goddess of Love and Gautama Buddha.

The next several posts will address the comments of each Master in turn.

This post will provide a sampling of responses from Saint Germain, Mother Mary and Jesus during two Q&A sessions.

For those unfamiliar with Saint Germain, he also is known as Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus, and has for centuries served as the spiritual sponsor for the United States. He is now the spiritual hierarch of the new 2,000-year age of Aquarius – Jesus was the spiritual hierarch of the 2,000-year age of Pisces. Some of Saint Germain’s other incarnations on this planet include Plato, Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus and St. Alban.


In response to a question about the cause of the sudden emergence of jihadists in Islam, Mother Mary said that it is not possible to analyze the jihadist movement from an intellectual perspective because, “What they are doing does not make sense. There is no logical, rational strategy behind this. There is really no rationale, because these people’s minds are completely taken over by demons in the astral plane.”

Speaking in a smooth, gentle voice, Mother Mary said the only solution is that the jihadists act out their fanaticism to such an extreme that a critical mass of people begin to speak out, particularly moderate Muslims who are willing to reform Islam and create states based on democratic principles that include a separation of church and state.

She added, “I can tell you honestly that this will not get better in the next decade.”

To Do List for the United States

A question directed to Saint Germain asked what his deepest concerns were for the United States. He responded, “My beloved, how long do you have?” to which the audience burst out in laughter. Saint Germain speaks with great energy and fervor, filling the room with his strong, vibrant presence.

He began by saying he doesn’t have one deepest concert, but several:  “The transition into a new form of democracy is very near the top of my list. The transition into a new form of the economy is also very important. The exposure of the power elite, so that the people will see what is going on – but instead of going into fear, will go into determination – is also very high on my list.”

“Of course, a shift in the spiritual awareness is also extremely important because we are not seeking to promote earthly solutions, but spiritual solutions.” He added that the idea is to awaken people to the fact that you cannot uncreate the problems created from the human consciousness unless the human consciousness is first transcended.

“The only solution,” he said, “Is that a critical mass of people wake up and co-create a new reality along with the ascended masters.”

Stock Market

The question was whether hyperinflation was on the horizon in the United States. Saint Germain’s response was that hyperinflation was not currently their greatest concern.

“The greatest danger is a collapse of the stock market as we have talked about recently, as a potential for this fall [2015]. This could, of course, affect other markets as well because, as we have said before, the entire economy is based on perception. It is based on the gambling mindset.”

The Book of Revelation

In response to a request for the exact meaning of the Book of Revelation and its application in our lives, Jesus stepped forward to explain that this book was not a pure revelation because there was much interference from the collective consciousness during the time it was received on Earth, and from the consciousness of the person who received it.

“The Book of Revelation,” he said, “Was not brought forth as a dictation that you are hearing now. Back then, the lower level of the collective consciousness made it impossible for us to give dictations like this, so clearly Christians, and especially Christian fundamentalists, have over-interpreted the value and the purity of the Book of Revelation. This does not mean it is completely invalid. The four gospels were not pure either, and they are not invalid. They can be used in various ways.”

Jesus went on to say there is no ultimate interpretation of anything because as times shift, and as the consciousness of the people is raised, “it becomes possible to interpret certain scriptures in ever-new ways.”

Speaking in a voice that is sometimes commanding, sometimes fluid and graceful, with varying inflection and rhythm typical of a great orator, Jesus said he did not intend to release anything on the Book of Revelation at this time. “I would rather bring forth a completely new teaching for this age than go back and interpret from the past. I know one can say that, since this book has been influential in the Christian movement, it would be valid to address it. I do not disagree, but I choose to say I will focus on bringing forth new teachings because, by my commenting through a messenger on the Book of  Revelation, I would still not reach the people who pay attention to the Book of Revelation. Therefore, I would rather reach those people who are more open to new teachings.”

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Ukraine and Russia Conflict

In response to a question asking what people can do to promote world peace beyond giving the Mother Mary’s 500 Vigil, Saint Germain addressed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“For the Ukraine conflict to end, it will take two things: one is that the Ukrainian people shift their level of consciousness upwards where they become willing to take responsibility for their own nation, and bring about the changes that obviously need to happen.” He also prescribed a shift in Russia, “beginning with Vladimir Putin going out of embodiment.” He added that, because the mass consciousness of the Russian people is holding him alive, Putin is currently living beyond his natural life span.

He further explained that all individuals have a natural life span based on karma and the level of consciousness of a person when he or she is born. “People can do something to shorten or extend that natural life span. If they are directly abusive of others, or abuse power, they will shorten their lifespan. They can, of course, also do good deeds and transcend their  consciousness and thereby extend it.”

“But you understand that a person can come to the point where his or her natural life span has run out. But if they are in a public position, they can steal so much energy from the people under them that it keeps them alive beyond that cutoff point. And so this is literally the situation in Russia, and it is what keeps Vladimir Putin in embodiment at this point, for his time was up a year and a half ago.”

He added that Putin does not feel threatened by NATO, nor is he concerned about Ukraine. He believes NATO will not attack as long as he is passive. Yet he needs the Ukraine conflict to maintain and expand his image for the Russian people.

Ending on a hopeful note, Saint Germain said that because the Russian people are raising their consciousness through spiritual pursuits, they have brought Russia very close to a point where the “strong leader syndrome” can be given up and that nation can bring forth a new era and a new consciousness.

Decline of American Influence

Asked about a conflict between the U.S., Russia and China, Saint Germain said these nations are being used by certain demons and fallen beings who are competing for world domination. He added that there is no inherent conflict among the peoples of these nations, despite the Cold War of the past. Then he said something else:

“The United States will, in the coming decades, lose influence. Russia will not gain much terrain, but China and India will attain more dominance, both economic and political. And they will do this for one simple reason:  more people are embodied there than in the United States or Russia.”

He went on: “As we have said before, it is our goal to bring 10 billion people into physical embodiment. We are some ways from that goal and you can look at the countries that have, for various reasons, lowered the birth rate so that there are not as many opportunities for souls to embody in those countries. And it is clear that, by this one act of limiting the size of the population, a country will limit its own influence on the world stage. I know well that you can say that China, with its one-child policy, has also limited the number of souls, but nevertheless, there are still over a billion souls embodying in that country. And more in India, and in the entire Southeast Asian area. So you will see a shift. It is simply inevitable, for it is not likely that the Western nations will increase the birth rate within the next decade.”

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For information on accessing the sound files for all conference dictations and Q&A sessions, go here to subscribe. Or go here to access free transcripts as they become available.

All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and are used here with his permission.  Hubble shot courtesy of ESA/Hubble.

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Ascended Master Students Gather in LA


In July, I attended my first gathering of Ascended Master students and spiritual seekers in LA for five days, listening as Kim Michaels served as messenger for a number of Ascended Masters to speak to us. It was the most uplifting and enlightening experience I have ever had because we were not there for anything less than to help the planet and all its people.

Attendees flew in from across the U.S. and other continents to be there. I made many new friends from the U.S., Canada, Korea, Australia, Ukraine, Denmark, Estonia, Romania and Africa. I met an architect, two college professors, a retired labor and delivery nurse, a civil engineer, a writer, a psychologist and a talk radio host and several college students. The ages ranged from young adults to seniors.


We listened to the Masters address world peace, the economy, our personal spiritual development, love, life’s challenges, and how to make a real difference in the world. We received truly unique insights, meaningful encouragement and a deep and abiding sense of peace and well-being that stayed with us well after the last session. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for days – nor did I want to.

For much of the weekend, we were in the unseen but definitely palpable presence of the Ascended Masters:  Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, and the God and Goddess of Love. These beings, who have never abandoned humanity, gave talks that encouraged and comforted us, and challenged us to work with the Mother Light to raise the planet by raising our consciousness, and thus raising all on the planet. Simultaneously, we received Light – much Light. It was the best high, ever.


After I got home, I emailed several attendees to ask why they were drawn to the teachings of the Masters as experienced through Kim and his websites, books and recordings. Here are some of their responses:

“When I discovered the ARJ [] site and started to read the answers given on different topics, I immediately felt I came in contact with a higher kind of knowledge and wisdom. The most significant thing while reading the answers was that not only my desire for knowledge was satisfied, but my entire soul and heart were filled with light, with energy of a higher vibration. In that moment, I knew that there is truth here and I can trust it.” – Iulian D.

“I was in the presence of Ascended Master consciousness in a mystery school many years ago. It didn’t take me long to recognize ‘the voice’ of the Ascended Masters – their words resonate as truth from within. I am so happy to be studying again as an Ascended Master student.” Charles T.

“When I first found Jesus’ dictations, I could hardly believe such a wondrous thing could be true. I prayed that I not be gullible, but I soon found that the readings were like letters from a dear old friend, bringing back warm memories.” – Jane R.

“I was a seeker of truth all of my life. I believe I was led step-by-step to many different teachings as I was ready for them. With the others, it was typically a matter of months before I felt the push to look for something different. I’ve been with ARJ now for nine years and while I still look occasionally, I’ve truthfully found nothing that compares.” – Tom M.

“[This] was the first conference I ever attended and I am happy that I did. Seeing Kim and hearing him made a great difference for me. I used to receive invitations and awards from organizations and people who claimed to give spiritual life skills advice, which they did not have. They even hid their addresses and made everything a secret. That is over and I see and talk with real people now, people who are real and stand for truth and spiritual/divine power.” – Bongfen F.


“One thing that has deeply resonated with me is the insistence of the Ascended Masters to put our attention upon the ‘beam in our own eye.’ Although I grew up in a Christian church, this teaching, although found in the Bible, was never explained nor given the attention like it has been by the Ascended Masters. It has allowed me to see I have control over my own life.” – Erick H.

“I have been a participant at many new age studies & events & found them to be filled with ‘love & light’ which was nice to be around but I found affirmations and white lighting everything & denial of anything that was not ‘love & light” didn’t clear out or address deep unworthiness in me and/or the behaviors of the people I met. Christianity was my upbringing & didn’t answer the questions I had & kept me in that state of trying to be ‘good’ & seeking approval from others as to what that meant, which didn’t bring me peace & happiness either. The teachings through Kim Michaels provide a truth – that there is darkness in us – but it’s not who we really are – and gives tools that work to strip these negative behaviors away. This is the only form of teaching/spirituality that has given me acceptance of myself & the path & peace & a real sense of worth.” – Sharon F.

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The dictations are direct when it comes to addressing dark forces and astral beings, as this is a seldomly discussed topic in the spiritual and New Age communities. The Ascended Masters here are very open, blunt, and have nothing to hide. Therefore they will not ignore or skirt around  this issue in the manner that other ‘highly advanced channeled beings’ do.” – Wendy N.

“For me personally, I follow this path because it provides simple teachings, tools and exercises that have brought me an understanding of why I am here, what I can do, how to do it and a deep inner connection to the real me that no church or institution has ever provided, a truth that resonates in my heart.” – Susan V.

“I know the teachings through Kim are right on, because I know how I was led to them and I feel it in my heart. They help me in a very practical way to adjust my thinking so that I can adjust my consciousness and perspective on myself, the world and life.” – Rosemarie R.

“I have been attending these conferences since 2008, every single one in many parts of the world. Why? Because I know that I am on planet Earth to serve all life by being an instrument that God can use to do works through me as he did through Jesus. When people are gathered together of their own accord and free will, then Jesus himself continues his works of Love through us and to know Him as He really is, is ‘to be’ all that I can be. The only way to know God is to be God-in-Action right here on Earth, for when God said ‘whom shall I send?’ there was only one single answer, ‘Send me Lord! I will go and be the open door that no man can shut,’ and for me this is reality.” – Sandy S.

Next post:  What the Masters told us.


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How to Evaluate Spiritual Teachings

IMG_0035Through his messenger, Kim Michaels, Jesus continues to bring forth invaluable teachings today. Here is one of Jesus’ teachings on how to evaluate spiritual teachings given through messengers today and in the recent past.

Jesus says:

  • There is an Alpha and Omega side to progressive revelation. The Alpha is that new, more advanced teachings are released, teachings that could not be released earlier, either because of divine mandate or because humankind’s consciousness was not ready for them. In other words, we give revelation today that builds upon but goes beyond what was released in the past. The Omega aspect is that we make our teachings more easily accessible and understandable for a broader audience. This means teachings are explained in a more direct and straightforward way, often using a more normal form of language.
  • Does the teaching bring forth something that is genuinely new? A particular organization is designed to bring forth a certain teaching for a certain level of consciousness. For example, the Summit Lighthouse organization was meant to bring forth teachings within a certain framework (not the ultimate teaching for the Aquarian age, as there is no such teaching). Another messenger may pick up that torch and bring forth a more detailed teaching within the same framework, but it has to be beyond what was already given. Otherwise, it will not be released from the Ascended Host but will be the messenger imposing his or her belief system upon the flow of the Spirit.
  • At some point a new messenger must go beyond the old teaching and bring forth more than was given in the old. Otherwise, the movement will stall and rise no higher. An example of this was Lotus Ray Ballard who continued as messenger for the I AM Movement for many years without actually bringing forth anything new.
  • Does the teaching challenge you to come up higher or does it make you comfortable where you are? As I said, people can catch the Spirit, and some messengers have even had a more direct sponsorship for a time, but if they do not multiply their talents and self-transcend, the sponsorship will be withdrawn and the Spirit will now stay within certain boundaries, defined by what people are unwilling to surrender. The flow of the Spirit might continue, but the teachings are no longer coming from the Ascended Host. They might come from a person’s higher self, from the collective consciousness of the members or from beings in the mental or emotional realm. Some of these beings might indeed be impersonating ascended masters. One might even say that the Holy Spirit is ALWAYS a transcending Spirit, so if a person or organization is not self-transcending, it is no longer the Holy Spirit but a lesser spirit. Some messengers can lose the Holy Spirit but because they are not willing to give up their outer position, they become open to a lower Spirit and some of the followers cannot tell the difference.
  • Does the teaching make sense? Is it consistent? Is it useful or does it simply regurgitate words? Is it all fluff – perhaps with flowery words – but has no substance? A complete teaching will have both the vibration of the Spirit and genuine content – it will have the fullness of Alpha and Omega.
  • Is the teaching practical? Does it help you transform your daily life and solve some of the problems you face in the modern world, which is in many respects more complex than any previous time?
  • It is, of course, also part of the picture to evaluate the organization and its leaders. Are they walking their talk in terms of embodying the teachings? This does not mean people have to be perfect. But it does mean they have to be willing to continually transcend themselves, which includes admitting one’s imperfections and surrendering them (doing whatever psychological healing work is necessary to accomplish this).

As an example of the progression in the delivery of the word, you will see that the language and the concepts released through Theosophy were very difficult to understand, often because they were deliberately expressed in an ambiguous way with complex language. This can be a restriction imposed by the messenger, either because of his/her ability/inability to use words or the messenger’s clarity of mind (or lack of it). It takes a very clear and neutral mind to express complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, whereas a clouded mind can express concepts in a clouded language.

Today, humankind has risen beyond the level of awareness they had a century ago, so we can now speak in a way that is far more direct and unambiguous – although we still leave certain things unsaid in order to give room for people’s individual discernment. There are some who prefer the old ways and think that the harder a teaching is to understand, the more sophisticated it must be. However, remember what I said earlier about secret societies giving rise to pride over having a teaching that the general population does not have.

There are also some people who wonder how much more revelation we have to bring forth, sometimes believing in the claim that a certain organization has brought forth some ultimate teaching. Yet I can assure you that the amount of progressive revelation that we can bring forth is unlimited. Progressive revelation is progressive precisely because it never stops. We have many more things to say and we have many new ways of describing timeless truths in order to make them easier to grasp for people in this particular time.

In reality, the most sophisticated spiritual teaching is the one that can be grasped and internalized by the greatest number of people. We are beyond the age of elitism, so we are looking for messengers who can express truth in a clear, unambiguous and straightforward manner. And we are looking for students who can appreciate this and become part of spreading the word to as many people as possible – changing the entire tone of the religious debate, as Maitreya calls for his his book [Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom].

We of the Ascended Host were never in the consciousness of elitism – although many of our students have been and continue to be. It is time to leave those nets behind and become fishers of men in the Aquarian waters – in which the secret of life is given to all who have ears to hear.

[Emphases are added. This full discourse may be found here.]

All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (various years) and are used here with his permission.

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What is the Meaning of Life?


“Most people … do not understand that the state of consciousness from which they ask a question often prevents them from finding a meaningful answer.

“In today’s world many people subscribe to a scientific materialistic belief system. This belief system states that there is nothing beyond the material world and that if a theory proposes a non-materialistic cause, the theory is unscientific. It follows that life on Earth is a product of a random process, and thus the question of the meaning of life simply cannot be answered within the context of the materialistic belief system. If everything is random, how could life possibly have any meaning?

“Other people subscribe to an orthodox religion which states that everything is the product of the will of an external deity, often portrayed as an angry being in the sky. Yet if you have no freedom to choose your own path in life, how can your life have any meaning? If you are nothing more than a puppet on a string, there is no meaning to your individual existence. If you cannot choose and learn from your choices, how can you possibly grow? And without conscious growth, how can life have meaning?

“In both cases, people’s state of consciousness and their belief systems, prevent them from finding a meaningful answer to the question about the meaning of life. This has caused many people to ignore the question, while others use their belief system to define an ‘infallible’ answer or define the question as irrelevant. Yet it is a fact that human beings have been wondering about the meaning of life for a very long time. Thus, the very fact that people continue to ask this question should be an indicator that somewhere in your being is an inner knowledge that the question has an answer.

The reason you have not discovered the answer is that this answer cannot be found within the confines of your current belief system and world view. Thus, you face the simple choice that is the precursor to all human progress. Will you look beyond your existing beliefs in order to find the higher understanding that will open the door for your question to be answered, or will you cling to your present beliefs and close the door to the answer?

“Humankind moved beyond the stage of the cave dwellers only because some people were willing to look beyond their existing world view and consider that there could be a better way to live…”

These passages are excerpted from “Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom,” a book in which Lord Maitreya – who is a highly evolved being and Jesus’ Teacher – explains who we are and where we came from – and a lot more.


Photos Courtesy of ESA/Hubble


Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, by Kim Michaels, copyright 2007, quotes used here by permission.

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Spiritual Knowledge is Power


In 2005, 24-year-old Shin Dong-hyuk crawled under an electrified fence and over the body of a fellow-prisoner to escape the only existence he had ever known as a born-into-captivity slave in a North Korean work camp.

Up to that point, he had known nothing of the outside world. He thought everyone was a slave. He thought everyone lived in total soul-crushing brutality and near starvation. He thought everyone competed with family for food, and trusted no one. He thought everyone was tortured by prison guards. He thought everyone captured rats for protein and picked grains of rice out of the dirt. He thought everyone endured work hours in all kinds of weather, and then died young.

Then a new inmate joined his work crew. Someone who came from the outside world, and who spoke to Shin of that outside world. Shin was particularly fascinated with the new inmate’s descriptions of the food. This became his biggest motivation to escape the prison camp. After two unsuccessful attempts, he finally achieved freedom in 2005, and now lives in the U.S. where he is active in raising awareness for the plight of thousands of North Koreans still in captivity.

When I read Shin’s book – Escape from Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West by Blaine Harden – I was astounded that someone born into captivity could survive under those conditions for that long. I also was appalled at the hopelessness of the inmates, and their ignorance of a better existence. The absence of knowledge, vision and aspiration for a better world.

Without the knowledge of the outside world provided by the new inmate, Shin would never have found the will and courage to escape. For Shin, knowledge was power – the power to decide to move forward, to seek out more for himself.

In reading the words of Jesus and the Ascended Masters on, and, it’s impossible to miss the connection between Shin’s awakening and our own as we are provided detailed descriptions of the reality of our existence, including the greater reality beyond our planet, beyond our physical plane. There is SO much more than this small locked-and-loaded planet. There is joy and unconditional love.

In this scenario, the new inmate is Jesus, whose progressive revelation now brings us knowledge of higher realms and our own spiritual heritage. Through his websites, Jesus brings us news of the outside world. He describes the story of mankind:  how we got here, how we are not really human beings or sinners, but rather immortal spiritual beings having a very temporary human experience.

Until we wake up and explore these new messages, we will continue to be enslaved in ignorance of who we really are:  We are sons and daughters of God. We are not sinners. We are not helpless humans who need someone else to save us. Jesus did not come to Earth to do the work for us. He came here to show us how to follow in his footsteps.

We must take it upon ourselves to rise above our learned helplessness.

We must take it upon ourselves to recognize our “captivity” by ideas that continue to this day under the weight of their own misguided momentum – “but we’ve always done it this way” is not a solid basis for renewing and nurturing our spiritual side.

It’s time to escape our soul-crushing prisons of ignorance and learn about a Greater Reality, the Christ consciousness, the divinity that lies within each of us. I’m calling on to you to find the will and courage Shin showed by reaching out now to find that greater world.

Knowledge is power.

Ignorance is prison.

Don’t be afraid to explore.  The knowledge is there, waiting to be read and contemplated and absorbed. The love is there too.

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Of Sails and Spiritual Teachers


In the movie Cast Away, Chuck Noland – played by Tom Hanks – has been alone on a small island in the South Pacific for two years when he decides to take his own life by hanging himself with a handmade rope wrapped around a wobbly log on a cliff. His attempt fails when it all collapses. Two years later, he finds a way off the island when the tide washes up a metal door that he uses as a sail for a handmade raft. Some time later, at a friend’s home, he reminisces about the failed suicide attempt and being lost at sea: “I had power over nothing!”

“That’s when this feeling came over me like a warm blanket,” he continued. “I knew somehow that I had to stay alive. Keep breathing. Even though I had no reason to hope and all my logic said that I would never see [home] again. So I did. I kept breathing. Then one day that logic was proven all wrong because that tide came in and gave me a sail. And now I’m back. In Memphis. Talking to you…”

Chuck is crushed that his fianceé married someone else while he was gone, but he has a plan. He says, “I know what I have to do now. I have to keep breathing, because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide will bring?

Yes, it’s just a screenplay, but it’s a very good one, isn’t it? Like all good stories, it reflects the human condition and the value of hope and positivity because, honestly, we never know what is going to happen next. Nor do we know what the tide will bring to help us out. A similar self-rescue story is Gravity, a movie about a woman who finds courage she didn’t know she had.

Last year around this time (March), I actually wrote down these words from Cast Away because something about them was compelling. I had heard and read that everyone has two kinds of spiritual assistance:  1) a group of Spirit Guides who individually rotate in and out of our lives as our needs change, and 2) one Spiritual Teacher who is with us throughout our entire life.

I had begun wondering, “Who and where is my Spiritual Teacher? How do I connect with my Spiritual Teacher?” I think you could say it was my version of waiting for a sail. I was weary of wondering why we’re here and what it all means.

One day I was prompted to start poking around on the Web and this is when I found I immediately began reading the enormous amount of material it offered. I was intrigued by the many discourses and Q&A responses on this site because they were so intelligent, logical and compassionate. Complex principles were explained with care, unfolding one idea in order to express another idea that followed logically from the first.

Ideas like the compassionate reason for reincarnation. The Law of Free Will (or Cause and Effect). How the orthodox churches lost the most essential messages of 2,000 years ago. How Jesus had come to show us how we could do what he did, not to set himself up as an unattainable ideal. How it is our responsibility to save ourselves. How we can connect directly to Jesus and the Ascended Masters – people who DID  do what he did – for regular guidance on saving ourselves.

So many concepts that I suspected were real were confirmed as real in these astounding readings. It all clicked for me. And I am putting all this out on the Web through the website you are now reading in order to point the way to these discourses and responses, so that more people may discover it and choose to follow the Masters in the way Jesus intended.

Don’t read another word of mine. Go! now, to, or, or Then, when you’re primed and ready, go to for the tools to begin on the path back to God.

This is our sail.  This is our way home.

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Questioning Our Beliefs to Learn More


“Let’s imagine that your current religious beliefs were incomplete or incorrect.

Would you want to know?” — Jesus


I am currently reading a book called Master Keys to Personal Christhood, which is an insightful and absorbing guide on learning how to attain Christ consciousness. I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but we aren’t on this planet just for the great jobs, wonderful weather and dutch apple pie. We’re here to learn something, to strive to be MORE, and attain the level of spiritual development that will enable us to return to God’s kingdom and forego any future incarnations. You know, forever bliss.

We can’t step off the reincarnation cycle in our current state of consciousness because we keep creating negative karma, even in ways we don’t know. We need to learn how to stop by examining what we think we know.

Master Keys was dictated by Jesus in 2008 for spiritual seekers who are serious about transcending their current levels of consciousness in order to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. In one passage, Jesus tells us that true seekers must question all beliefs in order to find new truths that bring further illumination. And to clear our minds of any false or incomplete beliefs.

Jesus tells us: Any belief that you are not willing to question is at least partly based on an illusion. For if you are flowing with the River of Life, you will be willing to question any belief in order to attain a higher understanding. And as I have said previously, it is always possible to attain a higher understanding of anything.”

“Let me give you an example. As you start to learn about math, you first learn addition and subtraction. These are perfectly valid skills, but they do not give you the full picture of the potential of math. So if you were to insist that by learning addition and subtraction, you have learned everything there is to learn, or everything you need to learn, about math, you would severely limit yourself by clinging to a primitive view of math. As you learn more about math, you see that while addition and subtraction are valid and useful skills, there is so much more to math, and a college student may not consider addition and subtraction to be very significant.

“This illustrates that although you may currently have some knowledge of the spiritual path that is valid, there is likely to be much more to learn. And as you learn more, you might come to see that your current knowledge and beliefs are not nearly as significant as you think right now. Being open to this process is the hallmark of a true spiritual seeker, a true disciple of Christ.” (pp. 126-127)

Read more at and

About this illustration:  In 2002, 8-year-old Akiane Kramarik of Illinois painted this portrait of Jesus from seeing him in a vision. In 2003, 3-year-old Colton Burpo of Nebraska confirmed the portrait as accurate after having seen Jesus during a near death experience. Neither child knew the other. Reprinted with permission from

All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (various years) and are used here with his permission.

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Jesus’ Gift to Us: Attunement with Him


If you could visit with Jesus right now, what would you ask Him?

“Why am I here?”

“Where ARE you in my life?”

“Who moved my cheese?”

My question was “What is the most important thing I need to know right now?” The answer astounded me. More about that in a moment. First, I want to tell you what I’m talking about.

As you know, the purpose of this website is to draw attention to the four websites maintained by Jesus through His messenger, Kim Michaels (see About). There is MUCH to read there, including discourses by Jesus and Ascended Masters, and tools for spiritual transformation. One of the tools is an exercise called Attunement with the Christ Within, which is given below in its entirety.

It is Jesus’ gift to us, designed to help an individual achieve real communion, or attunement, with Him in order to receive spiritual guidance and to develop discernment. Communicating directly with Jesus is a central message of these websites because it is a direct objective of Jesus’ message to 21st century spiritual seekers. He wants us to hear His message directly from Him in order to get it right.

The exercise begins first with protection decrees. There is much emphasis on protecting oneself against negative and astral-level interference, with equally practical guidance on achieving sufficient protection before attempting the exercise because protection is that important to connecting with Jesus and not an imposter.

This is followed by a guided visualization to a garden of your imagining where the individual achieves peace in the heart by focusing on the Sacred Heart. The individual also calms and clears the mind prior to meeting Jesus and asking a question.

My own first attempts were a bust because I had a hard time calming my mind. Years of watching fast-paced television had all but destroyed my powers of concentration — I’m looking at you, multiple split-second images in commercials and shaky camera movies. But I persevered and eventually calmed my mind enough to feel a real connection and get an immediate answer.

My question, as mentioned above, was “What is the most important thing I need to know right now?” After a moment, I heard a still, small voice within, calm and direct, say, “That I love you.”

I have no words to describe the profound effect this had on me. So I won’t try.

In a subsequent session, I asked a question regarding something I read on His website. He had said He dislikes that Christians focus so heavily on the image of the cross because it represents the violence of His death, obscuring His true message, which is that we are capable of following in his footsteps to Christhood and we can communicate directly with him in order to work toward that.

So my question was, “What symbol should Christians use instead of the cross?”

The answer came again like a whisper on the wind, “The heart.”

But of course! The Sacred Heart of Jesus! He loves us SO much that He came to this very disturbed planet to show us the road home. He didn’t have to, but He did. What is that if not monumental, majestic, unconditional Love?

Attunement with the Christ Within

An exercise dictated by Jesus:   I am fully aware that this site cannot answer your personal questions. However, I do not intend to leave you comfortless. You have the capacity to commune directly with me. Establishing this communion might take some time and effort. Yet, if you will use the following exercise, the process will be much easier.

The following exercise is a visualization that is designed to help you receive personal answers to any questions you might have. Before you perform this exercise, I strongly recommend that you use an appropriate technique to seal yourself from the energies of the mass consciousness.

You must understand that there are many forces in this world that will seek to prevent you from getting true answers. If these forces cannot prevent you from attempting direct communion with me, they will seek to give you false ideas and answers.

You must also realize that there are forces inside your own mind (the enemy within or your carnal mind) that will try to interfere with this communion. These forces will seek to give you the answers that they want you to have. It is a general human tendency that people hear that which they want to hear. You must be aware of this tendency so that you can gradually build the discernment that allows you to see through imperfect answers and know the answers that come directly from me.

A practical technique

The following exercise will be of great help in building discernment and communion.

1. Go into a quiet room where you can remain undisturbed for some time (at least 10-15 minutes). Seat yourself in a comfortable chair so that you are not disturbed by discomfort in your physical body.

2. Spend 5-10 minutes sealing yourself from imperfect energies (see decree to Archangel Michael).

3. Visualize that the angels of Archangel Michael are surrounding your personal energy field.  There are four angels, one on each side. These angels are 12 ft. tall and they carry swords that burn with a bright blue flame. They are fierce and able to protect you from the forces of this world.

4. Turn your attention to your higher self which is located right above your head. Silently give the following affirmation:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I invoke a wall of brilliant white light around my body, mind and energy field. I accept that this energy seals me from the things of this world. I now invoke a violet flame to burn inside the wall of light and to consume all imperfect energies in my own being.

Allow yourself a few moments to feel that you are completely sealed from the energies of this world.

5.  When you feel at peace, focus your attention at the center of your chest at the height of your physical heart. Visualize that a spiritual flame burns inside your chest. This spiritual flame does not require fuel to burn. It is the unfed flame.

6. Focus your attention on this flame and allow your attention to enter the flame itself. Behind the flame, you see a doorway. Enter that doorway. As you go through the doorway, you move into a tunnel. As you move forward, you see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

7. Keep moving forward until you emerge from the tunnel and walk into the light.

8. You now see that you have entered an exquisitely beautiful garden. The garden is surrounded by tall hedges. It has beautiful flower beds and walkways. In the center of the garden is a fountain that gently whispers. All over the garden, birds are singing cheerfully.

9. As you walk into this garden, you feel that the cares of the world are simply falling away from you. The further you move into the garden, the more light and peaceful you feel.

10. Simply keep walking and allow yourself to feel how the peace and tranquility of the garden absorbs all of your worries and cares. When you feel uplifted and at peace, take a moment to look around.

11. As you look around, you see two seats carved from stone. Allow yourself to sit down in one seat and make yourself comfortable. Then, focus your attention on your heart and close your eyes. Allow yourself to feel that you are completely at peace in this beautiful garden. In fact, you somehow feel that this is home.

12. Now imagine that you open your eyes and look at the seat in front of you. To your surprise, you notice that someone is now sitting in that seat. When you look closer, you realize that it is indeed I, your Jesus, who is sitting before you.

13. Allow yourself to get comfortable in my presence.

14. Now focus your attention on my heart and allow yourself to feel that my heart radiates an unconditional love for you. Give yourself a few moments to accept that I love you unconditionally.

15. Then, allow yourself to absorb my unconditional love for you and feel how it consumes everything that is imperfect and unreal. This is indeed the perfect love which casts out all fear and all other imperfect emotions.

16. While you are seated in front of me and fully absorbed in my love, allow yourself to think back to your situation on earth. Do not allow yourself to be disturbed by any aspect of that situation. Simply bring your situation to your conscious awareness for a moment. Then, look at me again, and in your mind formulate a silent question. Do not ask me what to do about your situation, because you must use your free will to choose what to do. Ask me to show you a greater understanding of the situation, so that you will know what is the right thing to do.

17. After you formulate the question, send it to me.

18. Then close your eyes and focus your attention on my love. Allow yourself to be so absorbed in that love that you forget all the cares of the world.

19. After some time of being absorbed in my love, your attention might naturally drift back to the question. Simply focus your attention on my heart and listen for an answer. If you do not receive an immediate answer, be not disturbed. Simply focus on my unconditional love and allow yourself to be absorbed in that love for as long as you like.

20. When you feel you have absorbed what you can, when you feel that your heart has become the cup that runneth over with my love, then visualize that you quietly leave the beautiful garden and walk back through the tunnel.

21. You are now seated in the chair in your room. Give yourself a few moments to return back to your normal state of consciousness.

In the beginning, you might not get an immediate answer from this exercise. It might take some time before the answer reaches your conscious mind. Simply be alert and try to set aside a few moments every day to listen from within. After some time, be it hours, days or even weeks, the answer will come to you.

Repeat this exercise as often as you like. If you truly want answers about a specific situation, repeat the exercise once a day until you have received sufficient inner direction.

I strongly recommend that you always have a notebook and pen next to you as you perform this exercise. After the visualization, take a few moments to write down any thoughts or insights that come to you. If you will make this part of the exercise, you will be amazed at the directions you will receive.

The purpose of this exercise is to help you attune your consciousness to me. After having performed this exercise for a while, you might feel that you can attain this attunement even during your daily activities.  This is good. I desire you to have constant, at-will communion with me.

All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (various years) and are used here with his permission.

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Of Viruses and Lost Spirits


Consider this:  For centuries, humanity has been plagued by microbes — bacteria, viruses and parasites — that have made life miserable or over too soon. For most of that time, people had no clue what actually caused them to sicken and die. They didn’t know about microbes until very recently. They didn’t know that people could stay well by washing their hands and bodies regularly, and by keeping their food cold and their water clean.

Because people had questionable hygiene habits, they continued to get sick, but they didn’t connect the two. So the chaos continued:  to avoid lice, Europeans shaved their heads and wore wigs instead. They thought water carried disease into the skin’s pores so they avoided bathing. Nobody knew why the plague was unstoppable, and up to a third of the population died while everyone else stood by, helpless and vulnerable.

For thousands of years, ignorance of the facts caused physical illness and suffering.

So now we have vaccines and antibiotics. Good for us, but what if we still don’t get it about mental illness?

If you knew of a simple, inexpensive way to rid yourself or your loved one(s) of depression, anxiety attacks, personality disorders or compulsive behavior (to name a few) with no side effects, would you try it? If you knew it didn’t involve years of expensive meds and/or talk therapy, would you consider it?

Of course you would! but first you would need to get over your outdated conditioned response against the idea of the existence of dark spirits. Or the idea that they are the product of superstitious or ignorant thinking.

Is your mind still open right now, or did it just suddenly clamp shut?

Keep it cracked open a bit and hear me out.

When people didn’t know that bacteria and viruses caused disease and death, the first scientists who isolated the bacteria and viruses were laughed at. They lost their jobs and reputations. The majority of the public was positive they knew their claims to be preposterous — their minds were clamped shut. The open-minded minority had to wait it out to be vindicated.

Do we want to make those mistakes again? I know science has been taking a beating lately, but maybe we need to reconcile science with alternative realities and find a balance. And get used to the idea that life isn’t just about what we can experience, or measure, with our five senses.

“Do not underestimate the power of The Dark Side!” said Darth Vader. A lot of us bought that!

Now consider this:  If Jesus thought it was important enough to drive dark spirits out of several people during his time on earth, who are we to say they don’t exist?

Are we implying by our own disbelief that Jesus was delusional? Who volunteers to tell Him that?….[crickets chirping]….I thought so!

One of the facts of life that Jesus and the Ascended Masters want humans to understand today, in this New Age of Enlightenment, is that in the physical plane of existence, we are continually surrounded and bombarded by imperfect energies, dark spirits and discarnate souls with mayhem or selfish aims on their minds.

That’s fact one from the Ascended Masters. Fact two is that these entities often gain entry into our auras and bodies and cause havoc, including mental illness, unexplained impulses, cravings, nightmares and even murderous rampages — the latter is of the variety we’ve read in the news where someone commits murder in an alcoholic or drugged rage but honestly remembers none of it the next day. What opens us to this kind of takeover is an intriguing list (see below).

Shakuntala Modi, M.D., has written a 630-page scientific treatise detailing her extensive and encouraging research on spirit attachment and spirit releasement therapy. She presents not just the problem, but also the solution. The book is called Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness. She gives many case studies demonstrating what is achieved in 2-3 sessions that traditional treatment can’t achieve in years of talk therapy and drugs.

Dr. Modi — who not surprisingly is East Indian, a nationality that for centuries has led the world in spiritual exploration and achievement — reports that the causes of mental and physical illnesses are attributed to:

  • Attachment by discarnate spirits – instead of going to the Light, some dead people move into living people
  • Attachment by dark spirits – some of which are fallen angels
  • Soul fragmentation and soul loss through trauma and the actions of dark spirits

In New Mexico, a descanso is a roadside shrine to an accident victim. They can range from silk flowers or a flag to elaborate arrangements like this one.

Why do people choose to avoid going to the Light when they die? They may be angry with God, they may think they have unfinished business on earth, they may be afraid to face God, thinking He is angry and judgmental (He’s not), they may not believe in God, they may consider “going to the Light” a played out joke, they may like the house they lived in and worked so hard decorating and can’t bear to part with it, they may not even know they are dead, so smooth was their transition from life to death (it happens a lot). Some people attach themselves to loved ones that they refuse to leave behind.

Unfortunately, when discarnates attach, they bring their baggage with them, which includes what ailed or killed them. Those they attach to, let’s call them “hosts,” absorb that baggage. Hence the host’s mental and physical illnesses that won’t clear up.

The good news is that more and more mainstream therapists are embracing the techniques to remove attached spirits from the living, because these techniques work. They are a gift from the Ascended Masters. We live in interesting times, do we not?

The important thing now is to avoid letting fear of dark energies keep us in continued darkness. Remember, we figured out how to defend against bacteria and viruses, why not dark energies?

In the case of attachment, the host experiences the emotional and physical illnesses and pain of the attached spirit. So if someone died of a blow to the head, the host may experience migraines that may be resistant to standard treatment. Dr. Modi calls on good spirits and angels to help usher the attaching spirits to the Light.

Prior to that, Dr. Modi talks to the discarnates to gather data on what makes a host vulnerable to attachment. Here is a partial list:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Unconsciousness from anesthesia during surgery
  • Sickness and accidents
  • Extreme emotions: anger, fear, hate, depression, grief
  • Ouija boards, automatic writing, attending a seance
  • Channeling without sufficient psychic protection
  • Conjuring games like Dungeons and Dragons
  • Rock music (yeah, I know….snif!)

Dr. Modi writes, “These therapies work. It does not matter what explanation you believe. Patients are freed from their crippling symptoms. As a physician and a psychiatrist, I am satisfied with the dramatic results regardless of the explanation. I have sometimes seen 100% improvement, a complete cure, of both physical and emotional problems in a single hypnotherapy session: a success rate that is far beyond the usual standard for psychiatry.”

So, the choice is ours. We can laugh at Dr. Modi’s ideas or take a chance that she’s right and begin freeing ourselves from whatever plagues us. It’s new territory, for sure, but what is life if not a series of risks taken in hopes of the best outcomes?

Our gratitude will compete with our relief.

In the meantime, I invite you to read this compelling explanation by Jesus himself.

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Jesus Speaks…


The following excerpts from dictations by Jesus are from The Mystical Teachings of Jesus,by Kim Michaels, More to Life Publishing, 2013

ON THE LIVING CHURCH:  I did not intend to become known as the only person to ever walk the earth in the fullness of Christ consciousness. I am a spiritual teacher. The only way for any teacher to be successful is to duplicate himself by raising his students to the same level of consciousness as the teacher. I am the teacher of Christ consciousness, and it was my intention to duplicate myself and to have numerous other people walk the earth in the fullness of their individual Christhood. (page 236)

ON DIRECT COMMUNICATION:  So many people have allowed themselves to believe that they cannot know or experience me directly, that they must go through some outer organization or doctrine. I am not here to condemn or find fault with any organization or doctrine. Yet I must point out to you that you have the ability to commune with me in your heart.

An outer organization or teaching has one purpose and one purpose only, namely to help you rise to a level of  consciousness where you can commune directly with me, your Jesus. If the organization fulfills that purpose, all is well. If it does not then it has shut me out, and therefore it can have no part with me.

Human beings have fallen into a lower state of consciousness, and they need help to get back on their spiritual feet. A person who has fallen and broken a leg might need a set of crutches to learn how to walk again. Before you have learned to walk on your own, you can gain great help and support from using crutches. Yet when you have grown strong and learned to hold your balance, you must decide to take that first step without the crutches. If you insist on holding on to the crutches, you will limit your ability to walk in the Light of my Presence.

There is a way that seems right until a human, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. The false way is the belief that you can reach me only through someone or something outside yourself.

There is also a straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life. The true way is an inner walk with me. These teachings (as any other teachings about me) are not the way. They are meant to point you towards the inner path of the heart. Open your mind and heart to me, and I will show you the true path.

Follow that path, and you will make it back home to our Father’s kingdom, where I am waiting for you with open arms and a heart that overflows with a very personal love for you. (page 15)

ON PROGRESSIVE REVELATION:  The brutal fact about the current state of affairs on planet earth is that human beings have accepted so many lies, so many erroneous concepts, so many unbelievable ideas that even I, Jesus, find it difficult to know where to begin. You have grown up in a culture that is so permeated by erroneous concepts that one might say that your mind is encaged in a labyrinth. The labyrinth has many blind alleys, and it has only one way that leads to the center of being.

I clearly see that human beings are entrapped in a jungle of lies. I also know the truth and reality of God. The problem is that in trying to impart this truth to you, I must begin at your present level of consciousness. I cannot possibly give you truth in its purest form because in your present state of consciousness your imagination simply cannot cope with that truth. Likewise, your free will cannot accept a truth that is so different from the lies and errors that you have come to accept and that you have incorporated into the very fabric of your being — your sense of identity.

Please take a look at the Bible. Please recognize that the Law of Moses was given to a group of people who were trapped in a very low state of consciousness. That is why this law is a set of commandments, saying: “do this” and “don’t do that.” It was given to spiritual children who needed a very simple set of rules. It was aimed at changing their outer actions.

Now, compare the Law of Moses to the higher law that I brought forth in the Sermon on the Mount and other teachings. For example, I said that it is not enough to abstain from the outer act of adultery. You must overcome the state of consciousness that makes you desire to commit adultery. In other words, it is not enough that you do not commit an outer act that is wrong. You must rise above the state of consciousness in which you desire to commit such an act. My teachings attempted to transform people’s state of consciousness.

For anyone with an open mind, it should be easy to see that the teachings I gave 2,000 years ago represented a progression compared to the Law of Moses. The reason for this progression is that between the time of Moses and my appearance in Israel, humankind had progressed. Humankind had risen to a higher state of consciousness, and therefore people were now ready to receive a higher understanding and a higher teaching; even a higher law.

It is completely and utterly amazing to me that some people can seriously believe that the teachings I gave forth 2,000 years ago represent the ultimate or highest teachings that God could ever bring forth on this planet.

Let me make this absolutely clear. The teachings that I gave 2,000 years ago were not the highest or ultimate teachings that God can bring forth on this planet. My teachings were nothing more than the highest teachings that could be brought forth at the time, given humankind’s state of consciousness.

My teachings were incomplete, and they were limited in many ways. That limitation was not due to a limitation on the part of God or on the part of his mouthpiece, meaning myself. That limitation was due to the fact that humankind was not ready to receive a higher teaching. One might say that my teachings represent a measured response to a crisis. It was not the highest possible response; it was the highest practical response.

Today humankind has progressed to a higher state of consciousness, and therefore I can now bring forth a higher teaching than I did 2,000 years ago. This book is but one chapter in my teachings for this new age. (page 29)

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