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A New American Creed

I am aware.

I am aware that I am aware, meaning I have self-awareness.

I am able to use my self-awareness to step outside of my current sense of identity, my current state of mind, look at myself, and evaluate:  is this my highest potential, or is there more?

I am willing to step outside of my current sense of identity, my current state of mind, and recognize that I do have a higher potential. There is more. There is more awareness that I could attain.

I am dedicated to raising my awareness.

I am dedicated to walking a gradual path where I raise my awareness from my current level to succeedingly higher levels of awareness.

I am aware that as I grew up, a certain world view, a certain perspective on life was put upon me.

I am aware that I have the ability to raise my awareness and gain a broader world view, a broader perspective.

I am dedicating myself to walking the path of raising my awareness of the world, my awareness of life.

I am aware that as I grew up, a certain view of myself, a certain sense of identity, a certain sense of who I am and what I can and cannot do was put upon me.

I am aware that I have the ability to raise myself ease of identity, to raise my awareness that I can do much more than I was brought up to believe.

I am dedicated to walking a gradual path of raising my awareness of who I really am, and what is indeed possible for me in this world.

I am aware that as I raise my awareness of who I am, my perspective on everything will change.

I am aware that the way I look at life right now, the way I look at myself right now, is a product of my current level of awareness, my current level of consciousness.

I am aware that at my current level, there are things that I cannot see, there are things that I cannot grasp, there are things that I cannot understand, there are things that I cannot experience.

I am aware that, as I raise my awareness, I will begin to see much more than I see now. I will begin to see things that I cannot grasp or understand at my present level.

I am aware that my present view and understanding of life is inherently limited and that there is a higher understanding available that I will attain as I raise my level of consciousness.

I am determined to shift my approach to life so that I accept the fact that my present understanding and view of life is not the ultimate, is not some absolute truth, is not the only truth.

I am willing to realize that whatever I know, understand, or believe about life is not the final view or understanding. It is indeed possible to raise myself to a higher level of consciousness where I see what I do not see now.

I am willing to make the shift where I recognize that since I do not have a final understanding of life right now, I cannot be fully – and I will not be fully – identified with my beliefs, with my understanding, with my view of life. Therefore, I will not believe that there is nothing beyond it.

I am willing to make the shift of realizing that if I do not have the final understanding of life, then it is not of epic importance that I force my current limited understanding upon other people or the nation.

I am willing to acknowledge that I do not have the right to force a limited understanding upon others, and that it will not serve my own interests, or the interests of my nation, to do so.

I am aware that the current way I look at life is affected by many external influences that are seeking to manipulate me into a limited state of life, a limited state of consciousness, and a state of conflict with other people.

I am aware that there are certain influences in this world that are seeking to create a division in my own psyche in order to control me.

I am aware that there are certain influences in this world that are seeking to create a division between myself and other people, and that are seeking to create divisions between various groups of people in my nation, in order to control all of us.

I am aware that they can only control me when I have a limited view of life, yet believe that it is the final, absolute, or only truth.

I am willing to leave this state of limited awareness behind me, and rise to a higher level of awareness where I am constantly reaching for a higher understanding of any issue than what I have right now.

I am willing to look at the public discourse in America and recognize that it has been taken over by the divisive forces who are seeking to divide Americans into opposing factions in order to control our nation and in order to control ourselves.

I am aware that these forces are using the divide and conquer tactic.

I am aware that this tactic can work only as long as we have a limited awareness, but believe it is the final awareness, and therefore are not willing to look for a higher understanding.

I am aware that if we look for a higher understanding, we will find it.

I am aware that when we seek a higher understanding, we will see something that we cannot see when we are so sure that the polarized viewpoints represent some ultimate truth.

I am aware  that the divisive forces will do anything they can to prevent us – to prevent a critical mass of Americans – from becoming aware of this process, this possibility of raising our awareness.

I am willing to make the shift where I recognize that one of the greatest opportunities I have for raising my own awareness is to interact with other people and hear their perspective on life.

I am willing to make the shift where I recognize that when I feel threatened by the viewpoints of other people and feel compelled to oppose them, it is because of a certain mechanism in my own  psychology that makes me feel insecure.

I am willing to make the shift where I recognize that this mechanism in my own psychology is deliberately put there by the divisive forces who are seeking to make me a house divide against myself so that they can control me from within, and not even having to control me through physical means.

I am dedicating myself to walking a path of freeing myself from all such control mechanisms in my own psychology.

I am aware that as I free myself from these control mechanisms, I will feel less and less threatened by the fact that other people are different from myself.

I am aware that as more and more people do this, we will no longer be trapped in these polarized divisions where it seems like every issue has only two possible outcomes, only two possible options we can choose.

I am aware that in any debate where there is a polarization between two viewpoints that each claim to be absolutely right, then this is a debate that is artificially created by the divisive forces.

I am willing to make the shift of dedicating myself to overcoming this divisions in myself and to overcoming the division between myself and other people.

I am willing to make the shift of realizing that the differences of other people are not a threat to me. They are my opportunity to raise my awareness and broaden my perspective on life.

I am willing to make the shift where I stop identifying myself with these outer divisions that have been artificially created.

I am willing to make the shift of raising my awareness so that the outer sense of identity based on my nationality, skin color, race, sex, ethnicity, and so forth and so on, fall away, and I discover a deeper sense of identity in myself.

I am aware that when I raise my consciousness to see beyond these outer identity factors, I will discover my own essential humanity. I will realize that I am more than a human being. I am a universal being living in a human body.

I am aware that as I raise my personal awareness to that level of identity, I will see that all other people are my brothers and sisters, for they, too, have that essential humanity. They, too, are universal beings living in human bodies.

I am aware that the divisive forces of this world will do anything to prevent us, a critical mass of us, from rising to that level of awareness.

I am aware that nothing scares the divisive forces more than when many people rise to that level of awareness, for when we no longer identify ourselves based on the outer divisions, then the prince of this world has nothing in us whereby he can divide us in ourselves and against each other.

I am dedicating myself to walking this path, of raising my own awareness to the point where I do not feel threatened by other people being different from me.

I am dedicating myself to attaining the level of awareness where I see the essential humanity in myself, and I see the essential humanity in all people I meet.

I am dedicating myself to seeing beyond the outer divisions, the outer characteristics, of the people I meet, until I not only see, but connect in my heart to their essential humanity.

I am dedicating myself to seeking first to connect to the essential humanity of other people, and only after I have made that connection, do I look at their viewpoints.

I am dedicating myself to seeking to understand other people based on having connected to their basic, essential humanity.

I am dedicating myself to freeing myself from all influence of the divisive forces and therefore funding a new way to interact with my brothers and sisters – a way that is not based on division and conflict, but on seeing, connecting to the essential humanity in us all.

I am dedicating myself to shifting the public discourse, and the public awareness of America, away from all outer divisions, and towards the recognition of that essential humanity.

I am dedicating myself to spreading the awareness that the entire purpose for the creation of America is to create the United Peoples of America.

I am dedicating myself to spreading the awareness that we can be the United Peoples of America only when we recognize and connect to the essential humanity in ourselves and each other.

I am aware that this is the highest vision of what it means to be an American.

I am dedicating myself to raising my awareness to the level where I can truly say,

“I am an American.”


Copyright by Kim Michaels (2018) used here with permission.




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A Joyful Ascended Masters Conference 2018

Dear Readers,

The North American Ascended Masters Conference with Kim Michaels was a happy, joyful success. Sixty ascended master students attended in person, and another 23 attended via the real-time live webinar. 

Numerous dictations (messages) were given by the masters, including Saint Germain (naturally), Mother Mary, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Elohim Cyclopea, and Master MORE. In addition, there were several Q&A sessions with the masters, and with Kim Michaels, with questions coming from those in attendance and those attending electronically. The energy and Light raised at all the sessions was remarkable and close to miraculous, because it lasted well beyond the time we were together. 

One of the many highlights of the event was when Saint Germain gave us an inspiring new American Creed for our times. This will be posted here once it has been transcribed. There were also several laughs, prompted by the masters, who remind us that we should remain joyful.

You are invited to go to to access recordings of all the dictations – they are listed under “America 2018” when you click on Members Access. If you haven’t already, you will need to subscribe to the site to access the recordings.



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Golden Age Conference in Seoul 2016

Peace Square (1)

The ascended master conference attendees pose in front of the Peace Square monument at Olympic Park.


Attendees from seven nations gathered in Seoul, South Korea on July 1-4, 2016, for the ascended masters conference “Bringing Asia and Korea into the Golden Age.” The gathering heard 12 dictations, two Q&A sessions with the masters, and one session with messenger Kim Michaels speaking on being a student of the masters. Musical interludes from recordings, YouTube, and a short piano recital, helped hold the light and give attendees time to reflect. Other presentations gave attendees the opportunity to bond and hear one another’s comments. In the end, all agreed it was a highly productive and inspiring event. The masters gave it a “beyond highest expectations” rating!

Of the 85 persons in attendance, three were from Kazakhstan, one each from Estonia and Canada, two from the U.S., and Kim and Julita Michaels from Denmark (Julita is originally from Poland). All others were from South Korea.


From left to right, Mr. Shin, Rachel Joen and MT Oh, organizers, translators, hosts.


JaeMin Lee, one of our conference organizers and tour guide (along with MT).


Moon Taek Oh (MT) was our gracious host and lead organizer of the event, which was thoughtfully planned and implemented throughout. MT’s planning team included JaeMin Lee, SeWoo Cheon, and Rachel Joen. Many of us met Rachel at the Los Angeles conference last year, which she attended with her husband, Shin, and with MT.

photo 3 (1)

The amazing view from the conference room windows.


Flowers graced the room where we met. The woman in the background is an attendee.

The meeting room was on the 4th floor of the Olympic Parktel hotel. Multiple large windows displayed a panoramic view of the Olympic Park, with its mix of forest, meandering rivers, and the domes of athletic facilities. Beautiful white cranes roosted in one tree. An ever-present inspiration to us was a large circle of flags waving in the breeze in the distant Peace Square (where we all visited to hold hands in a circle around a peace flame under the Peace monument there – we learned there may be another Olympics scheduled here in the future.) Rachel decorated the room with vases of roses and other flowers on the window sills.


Copies of “Stop War” in Korean.

Hot off the press for this event was Mother Mary’s “Stop War” book in Korean. This was made possible through the translation efforts of Rachel, JaeMin, MT, SeWoo Cheon, JungMin Kim, SungWon Song, and JongYun Choi. The publisher is Eunha Moonmyoung Publishing, which has also published other books translated into Korean from the original Kim Michaels publications. Several of these publications were also on hand for sale. Plans are now underway to publish another book in Korean featuring the dictations from this conference.

MT also arranged for a professional English-to-Korean translator, complete with sound-proof booth and individual headsets for everyone, including English-speakers, who used them to hear Korean feedback on the last day. In fact, MT told us that finding a good translator had been his biggest concern. He needn’t have worried, because Grace Sa, the translator he eventually hired, was also a spiritual student, so she easily adapted to the dictations. Also, her ability to capture the inflections and excitement of the dictations was much appreciated.

photo 1 (1)

Our translator, Grace Sa.


Two attendees during a break.


We received dictations from Archangel Michael, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Padmesambhava, Shiva, Gautama Buddha, Jesus, and Sanat Kumara.

Here is a brief summary of some of the messages the masters gave and reinforced throughout the conference. In an effort to get this report posted quickly, I will post a second set of messages next week.


Kim Michaels shaking hands with attendees.

♥  Regardless of what tradition teaches, in Asia, all individuals are important. To prove this point, Archangel Michael directed Kim to begin his session by shaking the hand of everyone in the room. Archangel Michael said that in Asia the tendency was to see the state as more important than the individual. This mindset must change, he said, because only individuals can bring new ideas, and new ideas coming down from the identity realm to the physical is the foundation of the Golden Age.

♥  When the ascended masters look at the Korean peninsula, they see only one people, one Korea. There are people in North Korea as well as South Korea who are attuned to Saint Germain. Furthermore, there are lifestreams in North Korea who purposely embodied there in order to facilitate the unification from within North Korea. It is up to the South Koreans, and all ascended master students, to make the calls for them to wake up and begin to fulfill their divine plans. (Personally, I was astonished by the amount of courage it would take to purposely embody in North Korea today.)


This statue in downtown Seoul captures the graciousness and tradition of the people of Korea.

♥  “Reunification is closer than you think.” Already there have been physical breakthroughs in North Korea, but they are being denied. The ascended masters need our calls, our authorization to clear barriers in the upper realms. A united Korea is already approaching the mental and emotional realms. The nations of Japan, China, USA, Russia and others are against a reunification because it would go against their own interests.

♥  Linear thinking causes us to ignore the now, because it focuses on a beginning and an ending, the past and the future. We need to live in, and appreciate, the now. The moment. This is the definition of innocence, of being like children.


Lanterns clustered in a tree outside of a Buddhist temple in downtown Seoul.

♥  Even a very slight change of a ship’s wheel makes the ship go in a completely new direction. So does even a slight change in consciousness. The consciousness of South Koreans first must shift for there to be a reunification. A change in consciousness precedes physical change.

♥  Some of us are one decision away from clearing our psychology enough to ascend. But it could be a big decision that goes back many lifetimes. In other words, it could be the one decision that is the hardest for one to make, and to which we have the most resistance. Half of our divine plans involve clearing our psychology:  identifying these decisions and making better decisions. The other half of our divine plans is the gift we bring to the planet.

♥  Innovation is not happening in Asia because the most talented people are not able to rise to the top of the corporate structure due to the hiring practices based on family background and sex. In Asia, the tradition is to hire family members and men for top positions. This is why Asian companies are behind those in the West in innovation. This is why Samsung, as an example, must “borrow or steal ideas” from innovative Western companies like Apple. Samsung (and other Asia companies) can only refine already-invented products and mass produce them using robotic labor provided by the masses. In short, tradition has caused innovation to suffer in Asia. It’s time to change, to innovate, to transcend.

♥  In the Golden Age, the individual is more important than the state or any corporation. Traditionally, Asians value the state or corporations more than individuals. Also, tradition calls for only sons to move up. It’s time to look on everyone as equals, as individuals, because the real purpose of society is to serve growth in consciousness. And the real purpose of corporations is to serve the workers, not the shareholders. This is the Golden Age Matrix.


Lanterns at a Buddhist temple in downtown Seoul.

♥  Corporations demand loyalty but don’t return loyalty. Not even to their own nations.

♥  The people should share the national wealth, not the elite. Make calls for a shift, and for the judgment of multinational corporations.

♥  Saint Germain will release new technology for the Golden Age, but not for the elite, so the sooner this corporate-to-individual shift takes place, the sooner the new technology will be released.

♥  Individuals must be willing to openly question authority – Jesus did it all the time, even more than were recorded in the gospels. There is no force on Earth that can stop the flow of spirit. Dare to challenge. Dare to say there is a better way to do something. This is part of serving the community, which is an aspect of Christhood.

Kamsa Hapmida (thank you) to all of the organizers for a great conference!!


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An End to All Wars


Risen is an inspired new movie about a Roman tribune who participates in the crucifixion of Yeshua and later encounters him again, risen from the dead. Yeshua asks the tribune, “What do you seek?” and the tribune seems unable to find an answer, so Yeshua offers, “A day without death?” and the tribune nods in affirmation. The movie makes a point of showing just how focused on death are warriors and war.

Most career warriors today, including police officers, are hardly aware of a life without war or the warlike mindset in which they live daily, hourly. War and the training to kill robs them of their humanity, replacing it with an amped-up discipline that facilitates a willingness to override the basic human instinct for preservation of the species – specifically, the instinct not to kill human beings for any reason whatsoever.

Help the Ascended Masters Stop War (October 2015) is a new book recently given as a direct revelation by the Ascended Master Mother Mary through her messenger, Kim Michaels. Mother Mary holds the Office of the Divine Mother for all people. She says that if enough people use the tools in this book, the forces of war can be removed within the foreseeable future. Repeat: we can see an end to all wars.

She begins by revealing a new reality of war on planet Earth in the form of forces, human and non-human, who promote and benefit from war. She details war’s devastating, horrific effects on the souls and emotional bodies of war casualties in a startling “tour” of a battlefield’s other dimensions. I speak of the astral, mental and identity realms of existence that co-exist with the physical realm, but which are largely unseen to those in embodiment. The tour is not for the faint of heart.

Most importantly, Mother Mary brings a critical message that it is possible to end all wars on Earth within the next few decades, and that this can happen only if enough people follow her guidance as explained in Help the Ascended Masters Stop War.

How does it work, then, to end all war in such a short time?

Each human being holds a divine spark of the Creator and therefore the authority to co-create with God on planet Earth. This includes commanding higher beings – the ascended masters and archangels – to remove negative and destructive forces from the planet. If we were not sons and daughters of God, this would not be possible.

How do humans command higher beings? Through the power of the spoken word. Sound is more than we’ve been taught it is. “In the beginning was the Word.” The spoken word carries vibrational intentions. It calls the higher beings to action. By literally speaking out – or what the ascended masters refer to as “making calls” – we can effect anything, including the end of war and the myriad causes and influences that create war. Mother Mary’s book provides the calls, also known as invocations.

If enough people make the calls, it will end all wars on the planet. The question, now that we have been given the tools to achieve this, is who will respond to this “call for calls”? It will be tricky for some, because it requires a belief in angels and ascended masters, as well as a belief that we are co-creators with God. Is it such a jump of faith?

I raise my voice and take my stand,

a stop to war I do command,

no more shall warring scar the Earth,

a Golden Age is given birth.


Excerpt from Help the Ascended Masters Stop War © by Kim Michaels (2015), used here with permission.
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Living by the Sword: God’s Rules

The ascended masters have made very clear what is not acceptable to God regarding living by the sword. On behalf of mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters everywhere, here is a “not to do list” drawn from the teachings of the ascended masters.

For a more comprehensive discussion of war – and a realistic solution – see How to Help the Ascended Masters Stop War published this month by Mother Mary through her messenger, Kim Michaels.

♦ Contrary to popular opinion, violence and war are not inevitable, nor are they appropriate solutions to conflict. Conflict is always a choice and it will not stop until we choose peace.

♦ Killing and violence are not justified in the eyes of God. When someone else violates God’s command to refrain from killing, it is not suddenly acceptable that we do the same. It is a lie that the ends can justify the means. It is a lie that we can restore God’s law by violating God’s commands.

♦ Killing our enemies will not bring us rewards in Heaven. It is a lie that killing or violence could be condoned or rewarded by God. It is a lie that God ever called anyone to engage in a Holy War. God is not mocked and we will inevitably reap what we have sown. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.1455406002_iraq_women_mother_dead_chil_xlarge

♦ It is a lie that when lives have be taken, only more bloodshed can set things right with God. It is a lie that killing more people can somehow compensate for the killing done in the past. It is a lie that spilling more blood can wash away the sins of the past.

♦ God is a God of Love who never required blood sacrifices – human or animal – in compensation for sins. Never, ever! Two wrongs can never make a right.

♦ It is a lie that using force or going to war is necessary for the defense of a nation or a group of people.

♦ It is a lie that violence or force can ever be an efficient defense or that there is no alternative to going to war. There is always an alternative.

♦ The ultimate form of personal and national defense is to be right with God so that the power of God can protect us. When we resort to violence, we set ourselves apart from God and therefore place ourselves outside of God’s protection.

♦ It is a lie that the ultimate solution to conflict is to kill all of the people we have defined as our enemies.

♦ It is a lie that genocide will resolve conflict or can be justified in the eyes of God, or that we can get away with genocide. What we do to others, the universe will inevitably do to us through the law of cause and effect. Therefore the spirals of violence will continue until people choose to turn the other cheek no matter what is done to them.

♦ It is a hypocrisy to feel that we are always right and our enemies are always wrong. It is a hypocrisy to believe that what others do is violence but what we do is justified and necessary. This is a double standard.

♦ It is a lie that we are somehow God’s chosen people and therefore we are above God’s law. No one can get away with violating God’s law. God’s people are those who uphold his Law of Love.

♦ It is a lie that defending our national honor, our land or our way of life is more important than human lives, or that national or personal honor justifies the killing of other people.

♦ It is a lie that a piece of land or a line on a map is worth more than human lives, or that preserving our way of life is more important than preserving the lives of ourselves and others.

♦ God told us not to kill because human life is more important than any of the affairs of men. We do not have the right to play god.

♦ God’s law of cause and effect will return all imperfect energy to its originator.

♦ It is a lie that our leaders are always right and that challenging them is unpatriotic.

♦ It is a lie that if our leaders call for war, we must always support them, or that we are unpatriotic by speaking out against war and demanding a new approach to conflict. It is our duty to be loyal to God first and our nations second, and it is our right to demand that our leaders follow the Law of Love.

Drawn from Miracle Invocation for Consuming Conflict, which may be found in full here.

Bullet point text copyright by Kim Michaels (2015) used here with permission.


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Ascended Masters Speak, Part 6


by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

The living and immortal Jesus Christ denounced the worship of a “false Jesus that has been created by man” when he addressed the Los Angeles ascended master conference in July. The great master delivered his 38-minute speech through Kim Michaels in a firm and often – to use Jesus’ own words – stern manner, referring his listeners to other dictated discourses for the “softness of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.”

“How do you think it feels,” he demanded, that “there are over a billion people who claim to be my followers, yet so few of them are open to my living Word, to the living Presence?” He stated, “The sad fact is that the vast majority of the leaders of Christian churches in America are in exactly the same frame of mind today as the scribes and Pharisees were in when I stood before them in the flesh.”

“Look at the ministers,” he told his audience, “who have abused their power in various ways: money, sex, power, what have you. Look at those who have claimed that certain wars were just wars approved by God or Christ.” He derided the “circus that has been created by Christian churches in America. Look at the major mega-churches, where people come and are exposed to all kind of pageantry that is nothing but cheap entertainment.”

Consequently, “I shall today withdraw my light from all Christian churches in America that are trapped in worshipping the false Jesus.” The practical effect of this action is that “I therefore manifest my Spirit at inner levels for all of the leaders of the Christian churches, and I serve them notice: It is time for you to choose between light and darkness. If you will not choose, then the judgment of Christ will be upon you, and you will be confronted with the full descent of your karma. You may deny karma, you may deny the judgment, you may deny anything you like, but at inner levels you cannot deny that you have been visited by the living Spirit of Christ.”

Jesus drew a distinction between the false leaders and their misguided followers: “There are many wonderful, loving, kind people in Christian movements….I am not insensitive to their great love for me and for humanity.” However, “the worthy offering is not measured by a man-made standard of what it means to do good deeds. It is measured by the standard of Christ: your willingness to transcend your consciousness.” Jesus described a state of mind that he termed “black-and-white thinking,” which accepts without question the traditional religious view. He urged his followers to “step back, look at your thinking, and say, ‘Is this all there is to my mind’s ability to grasp reality, or can I potentially have an experience that is beyond these mental images?’”

For misled believers he painted a dark picture: “If you could see what is going on behind the visible, physical, conscious level, you would instantly remove yourselves from these churches….There are forces of darkness, forces of anti-Christ, satanic forces, that are using the Christian churches of America to steal the light of the good and the pure-intentioned people. By going to these churches every Sunday, pouring out your devotion to what you think is me, you are supporting this entire false hierarchy of Christianity.”

People who accept the teachings of false leaders will find how empty those promises have been: “You will not be saved after this lifetime, as you believe will be the case. You will be confronted with the absolute reality that you have not qualified to enter heaven….You will have to come back into embodiment.” Here Jesus asserted the truth of a doctrine missing from Christianity: “If you continue to listen to the false preachers who deny reincarnation, it will not change the law of God….The fallen beings would have you believe that there are ways to get around it, ways to force God to accept you into the kingdom of heaven. It is all lies!”

What then is the alternative Jesus offers? It is to “touch the hem of the formless God through the Christ consciousness.” This is a state in which you “transcend your consciousness and multiply the talents, instead of burying them in the ground of a man-made idol,” “step back and reach for a higher experience, rather than being attached to a mental image and projecting it upon reality.” This effort brings its reward, backed by Jesus’ promise: “Those who are willing to be part of this movement of manifesting Christhood, those who are willing to use the tools and the invocations to call forth and reinforce the judgment I have pronounced today, I will not forget you. And when you most need it, whether it be while you are still in physical embodiment or whether it be after you leave embodiment and need that extra impetus of light to get you to a higher level, you will find that I will be there for you.”

Jesus addressed not only traditional Christians but also New Agers. For the latter, he had a separate warning: “I am not saying that all who are in that movement are false teachers, but there are many,” and “these lesser gurus…are not interested in taking you to Christ consciousness.” As with false Christian leaders, he had strong words for false New Age gurus: “It is time for you to make the choice between light and darkness, and if you will not, then the judgment of Christ will descend with all of the ramifications this might have. It may not be visible, but it surely will be undeniable.”

To all those who look toward a Golden Age, he said, “There is no Aquarian Age on Earth without Jesus Christ. For I hold the Office of the Hierarch of Pisces, and no one can enter the Aquarian Age or the Aquarian consciousness without going through the office that I hold,” which “is not in any way associated with Christian churches.” Twice near the end of his discourse, Jesus emphasized that he is accessible, echoing his words from the New Testament: “I am with you always.”

Next week:  Saint Germain

All quotes are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and are used here with his permission.
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Ascended Masters Speak, Part 5


By Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

Two ascended masters who had never spoken before through Kim Michaels emerged in Los Angeles to address the conference. They introduced themselves as the God and Goddess of Love, but their main message focused on what they clearly regard as an enemy of love, the control game.

“Control is incompatible with love,” they said. “There can be no true love when one or both partners are playing a control game.” They explained, “Behind all control games…is the desire to maintain a certain state on Earth over time,” whereas “in a true love relationship you are both transcending yourselves.”

They said their own relationship has grown for eons, though they have never incarnated on Earth. “What human beings call love is not divine love. What human beings call love is so often possessiveness.” On Earth, “your minds have been conditioned to think that the only way to sustain something over time is to maintain it in its present form.” Thus one partner feels the need “to control the other person.”

This type of relationship can even span a number of incarnations. “Many times people meet and fall in love because they recognize each other from past lives….In many cases, they have for many lifetimes been locked in a control game with each other.”

How does a couple break this stalemate? The God and Goddess of Love advised, first of all: “Recognize that whatever partner you have right now is [an] opportunity to transcend yourself and the control game that you are currently trapped in. Why else would you have attracted that partner?” Otherwise, they proposed: “Acknowledge that any intense relationship that ends in conflict exposes a control game in you! It does not matter what control game your ex-partner had or has or is still outplaying.”

They pointed out that spiritual help is available also.  They have released on this planet a “quality of ruby ray fiery love,” which “can consume that which refuses to change.” This challenge to static control games means that people “have to either act out the control game in more and more extreme form, or…transcend it.”

When you and your partner are willing to transcend, they told listeners, “you trust that when you surrender to the flow of love, you will not lose, you will not end up with nothing, you will end up with a higher matrix of love. This is the highest potential.” The alternate may be the end of the relationship: “Go back a hundred years and see that the divorce rate was much lower back then that it is today.” They asked, though, “Do people benefit from living together for an entire lifetime by being locked in a control game? Well…If you look at their cosmic spiritual growth, they do not benefit, for they only reinforce the control game.”

No matter the result, the two ascended masters assured the audience, their release of the ruby ray had not interfered with free will. In fact, the “ascended masters who oversee the evolutions of Earth” came to them asking for help in solving couples’ control problems. The God and Goddess of Love – who do not function “specifically or exclusively for planet Earth, but for a much larger system that goes beyond the physical universe” – found an answer. They were able to implement their solution because a “critical mass of people have been willing to make an effort to move beyond their control games.”

In an address that lasted more than 50 minutes, the God and Goddess promised the group further help in the form of new tools and teachings: “We will give you more on how to…manifest a truly Aquarian love relationship.” They continued, “So many illusions have been created by the fallen beings that it almost defies comprehension and description, but we will describe some of them in the times to come.” At least one other ascended master stands ready to help as well: “Ask Mother Mary, who is more than willing to work with each and every one of you on seeing your control games and who is skilled at this beyond measure.”

The two speakers never gave their names but referred to themselves only by their titles. A possible reason for their coming to a 2015 conference is because it is the year of the third spiritual ray, which corresponds to the heart chakra, signifying love.  The ray’s color is pink, a lighter tint of the intense ruby ray they released.

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All quotes used here are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and are used here with his permission.
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The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 4


by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

The great spiritual teacher Gautama Buddha came to the Los Angeles ascended master conference in July and issued a warning through messenger Kim Michaels: “The only way the cosmic experiment of America can work, the only way that the melting pot can avoid blowing itself up, is that people learn to see beyond the outer differences and embrace the universal aspect within.”

He announced he had come “to bring forth the judgment of the Buddha upon the many institutions in America that are…seeking to divide and conquer the people and blow on the fires of conflict.” He explained, “This growing tension is a sign that…not enough people have stepped up to the Buddhic consciousness.”

The Christ consciousness alone, he continued, “is not enough for America to fulfill her destiny.” He drew a comparison: “The Christ is the one who hears the cries of the world and goes out to minister to the people, giving them whatever they need in order to come up higher.” Thus, “the Christ consciousness shines a light into the darkness, which reinforces and brings out the contrast.” At the same time, “the Buddhic consciousness allows you to see beyond the contrast and see that the contrast is not real.”

Speaking for nearly three-quarters of an hour, Gautama had harsh words for the form Buddhism has taken in the United States: “The Buddhic movements, the Buddhic teachers that have come to America, have been far too focused on the outer form of Buddhism, rather than the universal elements of it.” To its adherents he said, “You may think it is great pageantry to take on certain Buddhist customs and rituals, but it is not true Buddhism.” Believed to have been born in what is now southern Nepal, he asked, “Do you think that if the Buddha had manifested in the West, he would have taken on these outer forms?”

According to one who preached several centuries before Jesus was born, the Buddhic consciousness can develop only when you “discover and accept the Buddha nature within yourself.” He outlined how this can be done: “You need to surrender, for surrender is the only way to overcome an attachment, and it is your attachments to the world that prevent you from embracing the Buddha.” He pointed out that the doctrine of non-attachment “does not mean that Buddha does not care, does not discern, does not discriminate, between that which helps people grow and that which stops their growth.”

As an example of the latter, he told the group, “Do not fall into the trap seen in so many spiritual communities…where you use the outer teaching to create some kind of standard and then seek to judge yourselves and each other based on that standard.” He assured his listeners, “Truly the ascended masters are not looking to create a community of mindless minions, where everybody is so focused on outer rules that none dare to express individuality.” He said, “You will feel so much lighter, so much freer when you stop judging everything and everyone, including yourself.”

Gautama traced the concept of judgment back to its source: “You have allowed the fallen beings to put upon you one of the many illusions they have invented. You have allowed yourself to believe that you have a deficit in your being.” Here Gautama touched on a concept previously mentioned at the conference by the God and Goddess of Love – the control game. “You must find a way to compensate for the deficit, and that is the birth of all control games,” because, he continued, “once you have judged yourself, the only way to get out of this sense of feeling bad about yourself is by making other people as bad or worse.”

Addressing the conference in its closing hours, Gautama praised attendees: “In  these short days you have been together in this room, you have created a sacred space that is so set apart from the hustle and bustle of the city around you that you are almost not on the same planet…. Allow yourselves to recognize, without any pride of the ego, that you have accomplished a great work for America.”

For more of Gautama Buddha’s teachings posted online, go here.

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All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and used here with his permission.
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The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 3

by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

Archangel Michael, speaking through Kim Michaels on the first full day of the Los Angeles ascended master conference, proclaimed that he had come to shatter what he called a “cloud of this elitist mindset.”

He told the assembly, “You, of course, know that there is a power elite, who has been behind many of the events in history that you identify as being not right, dark, evil,” citing Nazism and Communism. However, he added, “There are many, many elitist groups  that are not what you would call dark or evil but…believe that they are working for the Light.” The problem, he explained, is that “even this can be perverted by certain fallen angels.”

He described the result: “There are so many Christians who believe that they are…doing what Jesus told them to do…[B]ut when you set yourself apart, set yourself above, look down upon other people, you are not truly ministering from the spirit of Christ.”

Archangel Michael continued, “The top ten percent of the most spiritual people in embodiment need to raise their consciousness.” That is why, he went on, at least a part of the elitist mindset must be destroyed. Referring to Lazarus, he issued this powerful command to the ten percent: “Come forth out of this tomb of elitism and…recognize that all human beings on Earth are equal in the eyes of God, in the eyes of Christ, in the eyes of Archangel Michael.”

In a previous dictation through Kim Michaels, Archangel Michael reminded the world that he is “one with the will of God, the power of God” (February 2010). He told the conference, “I have attained great spiritual power.” He is, in fact, the one to whom ascended master students traditionally turn when asking protection from dark forces. Michael serves on the first spiritual ray, which is electric blue in color.

In a 2010 dictation, Michael evoked a vision of himself as he might stand in the old Roman Coliseum: “I come in my full stature, over 12 feet high, clad in blue armor that shines as neon lightning, an intense blue such as no man has ever seen before with the physical eyes. I bring a sword that radiates blue flames.”

Three books of the Bible mention Michael. It is generally thought that Daniel refers to him, though there he is called a prince. Jude 1:9 named him an archangel, and Revelation 12:7 supports the warrior image of traditional art: “There was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon.” In the dictation from 2010, Michael himself corrects that passage: “The dragon fought against me; I did not fight back. I was simply immovable. And in being immovable, I form that mirror that sends back the aggression, the anger, that is sent against me.”

In his discourse at the conference, Michael again talked about how he could be immovable. “But behind that immovability I am infinitely movable, and I am moved with sensitivity and compassion for you and all people on Earth.” Noting that “[t]here is hardly a place in the creation of God that I could not go to if I wished,” he explained in simple words why he stays with Earth: “I love you.”

For more of Archangel Michael’s teachings posted online, go here.

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All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and used here with his permission.
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The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 2


by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

Though Mother Mary had already given a discourse through Kim Michaels on Saturday (July 18), she stepped forward again the following day with a stunning declaration. She termed it a “release that was not scheduled for this conference” but one that attendees had earned.

Mother Mary, who in her last incarnation on Earth was the mother of Jesus, referred on Sunday to the energy level the audience had displayed after hearing from him the day before. Jesus had announced he was withdrawing his light “from all Christian churches that are trapped in worshipping the false Jesus that has been created by man.” Mother Mary told conference attendees, “Your souls [knew] at inner levels that you had witnessed an important shift for this planet.” She explained, “[That] momentous release required a critical mass of people to be here in order to be most effective.”

During a dictation that lasted only 19 minutes, she issued a proclamation of her own: “I now pronounce the judgment, by the full power of the Divine Mother, which no force in the material universe can withstand. I, Mary, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, the matrix of the murder of the Divine Feminine. It is no more on Earth.”

She acknowledged that, once shattered, the matrix could be recreated in similar form if enough people wished it. For that reason, she urged the audience to make spiritual calls to reinforce her judgment.

Earlier she had spoken of Lemuria, a Pacific continent in the distant past, whose civilization had devoted itself to the Divine Mother. Certain fallen beings had devised a plot to kill the high priestess of the temple, she said, and that act served as a catalyst for the efforts of subsequent ages to diminish the role of women at all levels of society. She noted that a significant number of Lemurians had reincarnated on the western coast of the United States to work to counteract this long-term, massive effect.

Mother Mary holds the spiritual office of the Divine Mother. Michaels had said of her, “I experience her as the gently loving, nurturing mother…. It is truly unique to me that she can be so direct and yet so unconditionally loving at the same time.”

Her Saturday dictation carried the sterner tone to which Michaels seemed to refer. She exhorted her listeners to recognize why they came to Earth, to see the true purpose in the events of their lives, even the unpleasant ones. “Why have you placed yourself in…situations that hurt you, that limited you, that  caused you to go into a temporary downward spiral?” she asked. “Is it because you are stupid? Or is it because you wanted to take this on in order to demonstrate that one can rise above it?”

“You see, my beloved, many of you have come to Earth in order to help shift the collective consciousness,” she explained to the group. “No teaching would ever liberate the majority of the people on this planet. They can only be liberated by seeing an example of how a person who has been as limited as they are can throw off the yoke.”

This process has another purpose too, she added – that of getting rid of guilt and regret, the type of emotions that she called the “final nail that keeps you on the cross.” She pointed out, “You will be free only when you reconnect to the reality that you are an infinite being, that you cannot be damaged or trapped in any form on Earth.”

At that point she spoke about Christhood: “Many of you have come to believe that exercising your Christhood means that you reach some superior superhuman state of consciousness, as you believe Jesus manifested. But I tell you, I was with Jesus from an infant throughout his entire mission, and I saw that he was not the superhuman being that the Christian movement has projected. He also had certain human characteristics. He also had his fears and hesitations.”

Near the end of her half-hour discourse, she said, “Those of you who can hear this dictation came here by choice, and the choice sprang from your love – your love for planet Earth, for the people on Earth, for the cause of the ascended masters, for the upward movement of the entire world of form. Reconnect to that love.”

Mother Mary has given many dictations through Michaels, along with a number of rosaries and invocations. She has inspired him to write several books, among them the trilogy A Course in Abundance.

For more of Mother Mary’s teachings posted online, go here.

All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and are used here with his permission.

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