Of Viruses and Lost Spirits


Consider this:  For centuries, humanity has been plagued by microbes — bacteria, viruses and parasites — that have made life miserable or over too soon. For most of that time, people had no clue what actually caused them to sicken and die. They didn’t know about microbes until very recently. They didn’t know that people could stay well by washing their hands and bodies regularly, and by keeping their food cold and their water clean.

Because people had questionable hygiene habits, they continued to get sick, but they didn’t connect the two. So the chaos continued:  to avoid lice, Europeans shaved their heads and wore wigs instead. They thought water carried disease into the skin’s pores so they avoided bathing. Nobody knew why the plague was unstoppable, and up to a third of the population died while everyone else stood by, helpless and vulnerable.

For thousands of years, ignorance of the facts caused physical illness and suffering.

So now we have vaccines and antibiotics. Good for us, but what if we still don’t get it about mental illness?

If you knew of a simple, inexpensive way to rid yourself or your loved one(s) of depression, anxiety attacks, personality disorders or compulsive behavior (to name a few) with no side effects, would you try it? If you knew it didn’t involve years of expensive meds and/or talk therapy, would you consider it?

Of course you would! but first you would need to get over your outdated conditioned response against the idea of the existence of dark spirits. Or the idea that they are the product of superstitious or ignorant thinking.

Is your mind still open right now, or did it just suddenly clamp shut?

Keep it cracked open a bit and hear me out.

When people didn’t know that bacteria and viruses caused disease and death, the first scientists who isolated the bacteria and viruses were laughed at. They lost their jobs and reputations. The majority of the public was positive they knew their claims to be preposterous — their minds were clamped shut. The open-minded minority had to wait it out to be vindicated.

Do we want to make those mistakes again? I know science has been taking a beating lately, but maybe we need to reconcile science with alternative realities and find a balance. And get used to the idea that life isn’t just about what we can experience, or measure, with our five senses.

“Do not underestimate the power of The Dark Side!” said Darth Vader. A lot of us bought that!

Now consider this:  If Jesus thought it was important enough to drive dark spirits out of several people during his time on earth, who are we to say they don’t exist?

Are we implying by our own disbelief that Jesus was delusional? Who volunteers to tell Him that?….[crickets chirping]….I thought so!

One of the facts of life that Jesus and the Ascended Masters want humans to understand today, in this New Age of Enlightenment, is that in the physical plane of existence, we are continually surrounded and bombarded by imperfect energies, dark spirits and discarnate souls with mayhem or selfish aims on their minds.

That’s fact one from the Ascended Masters. Fact two is that these entities often gain entry into our auras and bodies and cause havoc, including mental illness, unexplained impulses, cravings, nightmares and even murderous rampages — the latter is of the variety we’ve read in the news where someone commits murder in an alcoholic or drugged rage but honestly remembers none of it the next day. What opens us to this kind of takeover is an intriguing list (see below).

Shakuntala Modi, M.D., has written a 630-page scientific treatise detailing her extensive and encouraging research on spirit attachment and spirit releasement therapy. She presents not just the problem, but also the solution. The book is called Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness. She gives many case studies demonstrating what is achieved in 2-3 sessions that traditional treatment can’t achieve in years of talk therapy and drugs.

Dr. Modi — who not surprisingly is East Indian, a nationality that for centuries has led the world in spiritual exploration and achievement — reports that the causes of mental and physical illnesses are attributed to:

  • Attachment by discarnate spirits – instead of going to the Light, some dead people move into living people
  • Attachment by dark spirits – some of which are fallen angels
  • Soul fragmentation and soul loss through trauma and the actions of dark spirits

In New Mexico, a descanso is a roadside shrine to an accident victim. They can range from silk flowers or a flag to elaborate arrangements like this one.

Why do people choose to avoid going to the Light when they die? They may be angry with God, they may think they have unfinished business on earth, they may be afraid to face God, thinking He is angry and judgmental (He’s not), they may not believe in God, they may consider “going to the Light” a played out joke, they may like the house they lived in and worked so hard decorating and can’t bear to part with it, they may not even know they are dead, so smooth was their transition from life to death (it happens a lot). Some people attach themselves to loved ones that they refuse to leave behind.

Unfortunately, when discarnates attach, they bring their baggage with them, which includes what ailed or killed them. Those they attach to, let’s call them “hosts,” absorb that baggage. Hence the host’s mental and physical illnesses that won’t clear up.

The good news is that more and more mainstream therapists are embracing the techniques to remove attached spirits from the living, because these techniques work. They are a gift from the Ascended Masters. We live in interesting times, do we not?

The important thing now is to avoid letting fear of dark energies keep us in continued darkness. Remember, we figured out how to defend against bacteria and viruses, why not dark energies?

In the case of attachment, the host experiences the emotional and physical illnesses and pain of the attached spirit. So if someone died of a blow to the head, the host may experience migraines that may be resistant to standard treatment. Dr. Modi calls on good spirits and angels to help usher the attaching spirits to the Light.

Prior to that, Dr. Modi talks to the discarnates to gather data on what makes a host vulnerable to attachment. Here is a partial list:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Unconsciousness from anesthesia during surgery
  • Sickness and accidents
  • Extreme emotions: anger, fear, hate, depression, grief
  • Ouija boards, automatic writing, attending a seance
  • Channeling without sufficient psychic protection
  • Conjuring games like Dungeons and Dragons
  • Rock music (yeah, I know….snif!)

Dr. Modi writes, “These therapies work. It does not matter what explanation you believe. Patients are freed from their crippling symptoms. As a physician and a psychiatrist, I am satisfied with the dramatic results regardless of the explanation. I have sometimes seen 100% improvement, a complete cure, of both physical and emotional problems in a single hypnotherapy session: a success rate that is far beyond the usual standard for psychiatry.”

So, the choice is ours. We can laugh at Dr. Modi’s ideas or take a chance that she’s right and begin freeing ourselves from whatever plagues us. It’s new territory, for sure, but what is life if not a series of risks taken in hopes of the best outcomes?

Our gratitude will compete with our relief.

In the meantime, I invite you to read this compelling explanation by Jesus himself.

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  • Reply

    Dungeons and Dragons is not a video game. It’s done on paper.

    As for rock music, are we talking Journey or Slipknot? Rock is so diverse that it doesn’t really make sense to attribute any particular effect to rock in general. As a musician, I have issues with people who make this kind of blanket statement. Some music in any genre is going to be more helpful or harmful than others.

    In the course of my work as a healer I’ve encountered quite a variety of “dark energies,” and have been badly affected more than once by them myself. Some are abstract thought forms generated by the patient, some by others who have various intentions toward the patient. Some are what appear to be the invisible equivalent of Earth-plane animals; they may be causing harm, but they aren’t doing it for any evil purpose, they’re just looking for a meal. Some appear to be sentient but non-human; those can be quite powerful.

    I have never personally encountered a harmful attachment by a dead human being, though I have definitely seen attachment and oppression by living people in the patient’s life. However, if someone gets clinical results removing such entities, there’s no reason not to try.

    I think this statement is crucial: “The important thing now is to avoid letting fear of dark energies keep us in continued darkness.” People can be harmed by the very fear of someone trying to invade and harm them. I think it’s best to be awake and aware but not paranoid about this. Practice good hygiene, just as you would with physical illness. If something comes along, deal with it, but don’t live in terror. Most energetic entities and most dead humans are either harmless or eager to help. I meet far more of that kind than the other.

    • Mary Montano

      Regarding Dungeons and Dragons, apparently it’s both a traditional game and a video game, and the traditional “paper” game caused controversy in the 1980s. I am taking my cue here from Dr. Modi, who names D&D in her list of “Conditions That Open People for Possession” (p. 215-217). Correction made.

      Regarding rock music, I had the same question you pose in your response, but I chose not to filter the comments of both Dr. Modi (who lists it simply as “rock n roll music” on p. 215-217), and Jesus, as he mentions rock music twice in separate discourses. Here is an excerpt from the first one:

      “When you begin to understand about the flow of energy, you can clearly see that if you are serious about spiritual growth, you need to listen to and play music that will make your energies flow through the upper chakras instead of the lower chakras. I think most people will, by making an effort to increase their intuition and sensitivity, be able to sense where their energies flow when they are listening to and playing music. I think most people will quickly realize that rock music, jazz, rap and other forms of discordant music forces the energies down to the lower chakras and especially to the Base chakra.

      Please understand an important point. Expressing energies through the lower chakras can easily give you a sense of pleasure. However, the fact that something makes you feel joyful and happy does not necessarily mean that the activity enhances your spiritual growth. What makes you feel good is a release of energy through the chakras. So feeling good does not necessarily mean that you are growing spiritually. In other words, you need to develop a certain discernment, so you can determine whether your energies are flowing to the upper or the lower chakras.

      In that respect, let me say that in most western countries there is a certain culture which is based on the idea that if something feels good it couldn’t possibly be wrong. I hope you can see that this is not necessarily true for a person who is concerned about spiritual growth. In other words, the fact that certain types of music make you feel joyful and happy does not necessarily mean that they enhance your spiritual progress. So if spiritual progress is your main concern, then you need to find types of music that cause your energies to flow up instead of down.

      Examples of such music are many classical composers, such as Mozart, Beethoven and Handel. There are also certain types of New Age music that raise your energies. India has an old tradition for music that is specifically designed to give people a spiritual experience.

      I can tell you that we of the ascended masters are eager to bring forth new types of music that will be as appealing to the youth as rock music is today but that will make people’s energies flow up instead of concentrating them in the lower chakras.”

      Read the entire discourse here:

      In the second discourse, Jesus refers to “certain types” of rock music but he doesn’t elaborate of which types:

      “Nature itself has a built-in rhythm. That rhythm is the basis for everything that was created because, as the Bible explains, God created the matter universe through the power of sound. The basic rhythm of nature is 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 12/4, 12/8 and so forth. The human heart beat follows the 3/4 rhythm. Any music that is in harmony with the basic rhythm of nature has a positive effect on people and on the planet as a whole. Any music which is out of harmony with the basic rhythm of nature will have a negative effect. This can clearly be seen by the scientific studies that have shown that certain types of rock music causes plants to die, whereas certain forms of classical music causes plants to grow faster. I can assure you that what affects a plant will also affect a human being, although the human being is a much more complex energy system than a plant. Therefore, the effect is not as noticeable in the short-term.”

      Read this whole section here:

      In yet another discourse, He addresses the movies that are out there and his guidance there is “How does the movie make you feel afterwards?” If you feel good, then no problem. If you feel agitated or depressed, then there’s a problem. He says he is not done addressing music and its effects, so maybe in future discourses he will give us similar guidelines.

      The fact that, in other discourse, Jesus reiterates the importance of sound in directing light energy and the fact that God created the universe through the power of sound and light energy, means that any sound we make or hear, including good and bad music, will impact us accordingly because energy follows thought.

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