The Universe is W-A-Y Bigger Than We Think



Photo credit: ESA/Hubble

Years ago, someone explained to me that when they point the Hubble telescope to a dark area between visible galaxies, and re-focus it, they see even more galaxies like those in this image!

That must mean the universe is W-A-Y bigger than we think.

Where else might we re-focus our attention to discover W-A-Y more than we ever expected?

What if, for example, the information in the New Testament isn’t everything Jesus had to say? The Bible itself says that if all Jesus did and said were to be written down, the world itself could not contain the books that would result.

Say what? Does that mean we haven’t yet heard or read everything Jesus came to tell us 2,000 years ago?  I think that’s what it means.

Speaking through his most recent messenger, Jesus has asserted quite compellingly that the original scriptures did not contain the fullness of His message because of purposeful deception and also simple human error. In reading the myriad discourses presented at and, I compiled a short list of some of His corrections and clarifications. Are you sitting down?

  • Jesus did not come to earth to serve as the exception to spiritual attainment, but as the example. He wants us to follow in his footsteps, not put him on a pedestal.
  • He is not “the only Son of God,” but a son of God. Furthermore, we are all sons and daughters of God, fully capable of doing what he did. Jesus is the only Son of God only in the context of His being the divine sponsor of planet earth. Jesus put it this way, “One of the unavoidable drawbacks in this material universe is that everything is a two-edged sword. Whatever you do as a spiritual teacher, someone will misunderstand it and take it to the extreme. My intent for calling God Father was to help all people see that they could relate to God as a loving Father who was always there for them. Instead, most Christians have completely misunderstood my intention and have come up with the idea that I was the only Son of God, and therefore I was the only one who should call God Father. This is a regrettable development but one that was easy to foresee and difficult to avoid.” For the full discourse, see
  • Getting off the reincarnation cycle and into heaven permanently is the responsibility of every individual on this planet. Don’t know how? Ask and it shall be given. I always thought this was just a kind of divine tagline, but it actually works. It’s uncanny how it works.
  • There is no separation between God and each of us. God is not “there” and we are “here” but rather God is within each of us. Hence the term “Oneness with God.” When we accept and affirm this concept, we’re halfway home.
  • No one needs outer religion to serve as a broker between God and us. We can establish our own relationship with God through direct inner attunement. In the meantime, outer religion is good for the social cohesion it provides.
  • Besides the Law of Free Will, God also created the Law of Cause and Effect, more commonly known as karma. It means we can stop blaming God for our suffering. It means we are not victims of circumstances beyond our control. It means that our lives and our planet are our responsibilities because the universe is actually a MIRROR that reflects back to us what we send out as thoughts, intentions and actions. It may take time to come back to us, but it all comes back, good or bad, in this life or the next. And there are ways to cancel out the bad karma before it comes back.
  • God is not angry and judgmental. He is a loving God who only wants us to rediscover the path back to Him. Or as 4-year-old Colton Burpo reported after his visit to heaven, “God really, really loves us,  Dad. You can’t belieeeeve how much he loves us!” (Colton Burpo, of “Heaven is for Real” book and movie fame.)

There’s more.  Go to and

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