The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 3

by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

Archangel Michael, speaking through Kim Michaels on the first full day of the Los Angeles ascended master conference, proclaimed that he had come to shatter what he called a “cloud of this elitist mindset.”

He told the assembly, “You, of course, know that there is a power elite, who has been behind many of the events in history that you identify as being not right, dark, evil,” citing Nazism and Communism. However, he added, “There are many, many elitist groups  that are not what you would call dark or evil but…believe that they are working for the Light.” The problem, he explained, is that “even this can be perverted by certain fallen angels.”

He described the result: “There are so many Christians who believe that they are…doing what Jesus told them to do…[B]ut when you set yourself apart, set yourself above, look down upon other people, you are not truly ministering from the spirit of Christ.”

Archangel Michael continued, “The top ten percent of the most spiritual people in embodiment need to raise their consciousness.” That is why, he went on, at least a part of the elitist mindset must be destroyed. Referring to Lazarus, he issued this powerful command to the ten percent: “Come forth out of this tomb of elitism and…recognize that all human beings on Earth are equal in the eyes of God, in the eyes of Christ, in the eyes of Archangel Michael.”

In a previous dictation through Kim Michaels, Archangel Michael reminded the world that he is “one with the will of God, the power of God” (February 2010). He told the conference, “I have attained great spiritual power.” He is, in fact, the one to whom ascended master students traditionally turn when asking protection from dark forces. Michael serves on the first spiritual ray, which is electric blue in color.

In a 2010 dictation, Michael evoked a vision of himself as he might stand in the old Roman Coliseum: “I come in my full stature, over 12 feet high, clad in blue armor that shines as neon lightning, an intense blue such as no man has ever seen before with the physical eyes. I bring a sword that radiates blue flames.”

Three books of the Bible mention Michael. It is generally thought that Daniel refers to him, though there he is called a prince. Jude 1:9 named him an archangel, and Revelation 12:7 supports the warrior image of traditional art: “There was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon.” In the dictation from 2010, Michael himself corrects that passage: “The dragon fought against me; I did not fight back. I was simply immovable. And in being immovable, I form that mirror that sends back the aggression, the anger, that is sent against me.”

In his discourse at the conference, Michael again talked about how he could be immovable. “But behind that immovability I am infinitely movable, and I am moved with sensitivity and compassion for you and all people on Earth.” Noting that “[t]here is hardly a place in the creation of God that I could not go to if I wished,” he explained in simple words why he stays with Earth: “I love you.”

For more of Archangel Michael’s teachings posted online, go here.

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All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and used here with his permission.
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