Living by the Sword: God’s Rules

The ascended masters have made very clear what is not acceptable to God regarding living by the sword. On behalf of mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters everywhere, here is a “not to do list” drawn from the teachings of the ascended masters.

For a more comprehensive discussion of war – and a realistic solution – see How to Help the Ascended Masters Stop War published this month by Mother Mary through her messenger, Kim Michaels.

♦ Contrary to popular opinion, violence and war are not inevitable, nor are they appropriate solutions to conflict. Conflict is always a choice and it will not stop until we choose peace.

♦ Killing and violence are not justified in the eyes of God. When someone else violates God’s command to refrain from killing, it is not suddenly acceptable that we do the same. It is a lie that the ends can justify the means. It is a lie that we can restore God’s law by violating God’s commands.

♦ Killing our enemies will not bring us rewards in Heaven. It is a lie that killing or violence could be condoned or rewarded by God. It is a lie that God ever called anyone to engage in a Holy War. God is not mocked and we will inevitably reap what we have sown. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.1455406002_iraq_women_mother_dead_chil_xlarge

♦ It is a lie that when lives have be taken, only more bloodshed can set things right with God. It is a lie that killing more people can somehow compensate for the killing done in the past. It is a lie that spilling more blood can wash away the sins of the past.

♦ God is a God of Love who never required blood sacrifices – human or animal – in compensation for sins. Never, ever! Two wrongs can never make a right.

♦ It is a lie that using force or going to war is necessary for the defense of a nation or a group of people.

♦ It is a lie that violence or force can ever be an efficient defense or that there is no alternative to going to war. There is always an alternative.

♦ The ultimate form of personal and national defense is to be right with God so that the power of God can protect us. When we resort to violence, we set ourselves apart from God and therefore place ourselves outside of God’s protection.

♦ It is a lie that the ultimate solution to conflict is to kill all of the people we have defined as our enemies.

♦ It is a lie that genocide will resolve conflict or can be justified in the eyes of God, or that we can get away with genocide. What we do to others, the universe will inevitably do to us through the law of cause and effect. Therefore the spirals of violence will continue until people choose to turn the other cheek no matter what is done to them.

♦ It is a hypocrisy to feel that we are always right and our enemies are always wrong. It is a hypocrisy to believe that what others do is violence but what we do is justified and necessary. This is a double standard.

♦ It is a lie that we are somehow God’s chosen people and therefore we are above God’s law. No one can get away with violating God’s law. God’s people are those who uphold his Law of Love.

♦ It is a lie that defending our national honor, our land or our way of life is more important than human lives, or that national or personal honor justifies the killing of other people.

♦ It is a lie that a piece of land or a line on a map is worth more than human lives, or that preserving our way of life is more important than preserving the lives of ourselves and others.

♦ God told us not to kill because human life is more important than any of the affairs of men. We do not have the right to play god.

♦ God’s law of cause and effect will return all imperfect energy to its originator.

♦ It is a lie that our leaders are always right and that challenging them is unpatriotic.

♦ It is a lie that if our leaders call for war, we must always support them, or that we are unpatriotic by speaking out against war and demanding a new approach to conflict. It is our duty to be loyal to God first and our nations second, and it is our right to demand that our leaders follow the Law of Love.

Drawn from Miracle Invocation for Consuming Conflict, which may be found in full here.

Bullet point text copyright by Kim Michaels (2015) used here with permission.


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  • Daniel R Peterson

    Since Saint Germain doesn’t stay out of politics, his modern idea using modern computer tools for the people, getting past the elite nature of politicians by voting on major issues like abortion and war would work well here. The people vote whether they wish to go to war and the public servants then just implement the majority vote, yeah or nay. And the people can’t complain and hate the government if the decision goes awry because the people themselves have made the choice. This idea has been used as a motto in Latin for centuries –and is inscribed on the massive courthouse arch in Milwaukee: Vox Populi, Vox Dei. THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE IS THE VOICE OF GOD.

  • Reply

    This explanation about war is most needed to be known today, especially in Syria and Lebanon. I hope will translate it to Arabic soon. Thank you to host of this page.

  • Andrea

    Beautifully said Mary, and MARY!:-)

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