Golden Age Conference in Seoul 2016

Peace Square (1)

The ascended master conference attendees pose in front of the Peace Square monument at Olympic Park.


Attendees from seven nations gathered in Seoul, South Korea on July 1-4, 2016, for the ascended masters conference “Bringing Asia and Korea into the Golden Age.” The gathering heard 12 dictations, two Q&A sessions with the masters, and one session with messenger Kim Michaels speaking on being a student of the masters. Musical interludes from recordings, YouTube, and a short piano recital, helped hold the light and give attendees time to reflect. Other presentations gave attendees the opportunity to bond and hear one another’s comments. In the end, all agreed it was a highly productive and inspiring event. The masters gave it a “beyond highest expectations” rating!

Of the 85 persons in attendance, three were from Kazakhstan, one each from Estonia and Canada, two from the U.S., and Kim and Julita Michaels from Denmark (Julita is originally from Poland). All others were from South Korea.


From left to right, Mr. Shin, Rachel Joen and MT Oh, organizers, translators, hosts.


JaeMin Lee, one of our conference organizers and tour guide (along with MT).


Moon Taek Oh (MT) was our gracious host and lead organizer of the event, which was thoughtfully planned and implemented throughout. MT’s planning team included JaeMin Lee, SeWoo Cheon, and Rachel Joen. Many of us met Rachel at the Los Angeles conference last year, which she attended with her husband, Shin, and with MT.

photo 3 (1)

The amazing view from the conference room windows.


Flowers graced the room where we met. The woman in the background is an attendee.

The meeting room was on the 4th floor of the Olympic Parktel hotel. Multiple large windows displayed a panoramic view of the Olympic Park, with its mix of forest, meandering rivers, and the domes of athletic facilities. Beautiful white cranes roosted in one tree. An ever-present inspiration to us was a large circle of flags waving in the breeze in the distant Peace Square (where we all visited to hold hands in a circle around a peace flame under the Peace monument there – we learned there may be another Olympics scheduled here in the future.) Rachel decorated the room with vases of roses and other flowers on the window sills.


Copies of “Stop War” in Korean.

Hot off the press for this event was Mother Mary’s “Stop War” book in Korean. This was made possible through the translation efforts of Rachel, JaeMin, MT, SeWoo Cheon, JungMin Kim, SungWon Song, and JongYun Choi. The publisher is Eunha Moonmyoung Publishing, which has also published other books translated into Korean from the original Kim Michaels publications. Several of these publications were also on hand for sale. Plans are now underway to publish another book in Korean featuring the dictations from this conference.

MT also arranged for a professional English-to-Korean translator, complete with sound-proof booth and individual headsets for everyone, including English-speakers, who used them to hear Korean feedback on the last day. In fact, MT told us that finding a good translator had been his biggest concern. He needn’t have worried, because Grace Sa, the translator he eventually hired, was also a spiritual student, so she easily adapted to the dictations. Also, her ability to capture the inflections and excitement of the dictations was much appreciated.

photo 1 (1)

Our translator, Grace Sa.


Two attendees during a break.


We received dictations from Archangel Michael, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Padmesambhava, Shiva, Gautama Buddha, Jesus, and Sanat Kumara.

Here is a brief summary of some of the messages the masters gave and reinforced throughout the conference. In an effort to get this report posted quickly, I will post a second set of messages next week.


Kim Michaels shaking hands with attendees.

♥  Regardless of what tradition teaches, in Asia, all individuals are important. To prove this point, Archangel Michael directed Kim to begin his session by shaking the hand of everyone in the room. Archangel Michael said that in Asia the tendency was to see the state as more important than the individual. This mindset must change, he said, because only individuals can bring new ideas, and new ideas coming down from the identity realm to the physical is the foundation of the Golden Age.

♥  When the ascended masters look at the Korean peninsula, they see only one people, one Korea. There are people in North Korea as well as South Korea who are attuned to Saint Germain. Furthermore, there are lifestreams in North Korea who purposely embodied there in order to facilitate the unification from within North Korea. It is up to the South Koreans, and all ascended master students, to make the calls for them to wake up and begin to fulfill their divine plans. (Personally, I was astonished by the amount of courage it would take to purposely embody in North Korea today.)


This statue in downtown Seoul captures the graciousness and tradition of the people of Korea.

♥  “Reunification is closer than you think.” Already there have been physical breakthroughs in North Korea, but they are being denied. The ascended masters need our calls, our authorization to clear barriers in the upper realms. A united Korea is already approaching the mental and emotional realms. The nations of Japan, China, USA, Russia and others are against a reunification because it would go against their own interests.

♥  Linear thinking causes us to ignore the now, because it focuses on a beginning and an ending, the past and the future. We need to live in, and appreciate, the now. The moment. This is the definition of innocence, of being like children.


Lanterns clustered in a tree outside of a Buddhist temple in downtown Seoul.

♥  Even a very slight change of a ship’s wheel makes the ship go in a completely new direction. So does even a slight change in consciousness. The consciousness of South Koreans first must shift for there to be a reunification. A change in consciousness precedes physical change.

♥  Some of us are one decision away from clearing our psychology enough to ascend. But it could be a big decision that goes back many lifetimes. In other words, it could be the one decision that is the hardest for one to make, and to which we have the most resistance. Half of our divine plans involve clearing our psychology:  identifying these decisions and making better decisions. The other half of our divine plans is the gift we bring to the planet.

♥  Innovation is not happening in Asia because the most talented people are not able to rise to the top of the corporate structure due to the hiring practices based on family background and sex. In Asia, the tradition is to hire family members and men for top positions. This is why Asian companies are behind those in the West in innovation. This is why Samsung, as an example, must “borrow or steal ideas” from innovative Western companies like Apple. Samsung (and other Asia companies) can only refine already-invented products and mass produce them using robotic labor provided by the masses. In short, tradition has caused innovation to suffer in Asia. It’s time to change, to innovate, to transcend.

♥  In the Golden Age, the individual is more important than the state or any corporation. Traditionally, Asians value the state or corporations more than individuals. Also, tradition calls for only sons to move up. It’s time to look on everyone as equals, as individuals, because the real purpose of society is to serve growth in consciousness. And the real purpose of corporations is to serve the workers, not the shareholders. This is the Golden Age Matrix.


Lanterns at a Buddhist temple in downtown Seoul.

♥  Corporations demand loyalty but don’t return loyalty. Not even to their own nations.

♥  The people should share the national wealth, not the elite. Make calls for a shift, and for the judgment of multinational corporations.

♥  Saint Germain will release new technology for the Golden Age, but not for the elite, so the sooner this corporate-to-individual shift takes place, the sooner the new technology will be released.

♥  Individuals must be willing to openly question authority – Jesus did it all the time, even more than were recorded in the gospels. There is no force on Earth that can stop the flow of spirit. Dare to challenge. Dare to say there is a better way to do something. This is part of serving the community, which is an aspect of Christhood.

Kamsa Hapmida (thank you) to all of the organizers for a great conference!!


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  • Jayne Roberson

    Thank you so much for attending the conference, keeping us updated and your synopsis of the dictations Mary. I have listened to a few of the dictations and I find them very inspiring and encouraging. I am glad the students in Korea organized this conference.

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