Progressive Revelation: Entertaining Angels in Disguise


Humans are amazing.

We have made great strides in so many areas of endeavor that it boggles the mind.

  • Advances in medicine have relieved much suffering and saved many lives;
  • Designers and engineers have developed and built new technologies to vastly improve the quality of life on the planet;
  • We put a man on the moon for heaven’t sake! And there’s a spaceport a few hundred miles south of where I live.
  • Music was once only work songs, simple tunes accompanied by a drum or flute. Now music is exquisite, complex and layered with texture, rhythm and soaring evocative melodies;
  • We don’t need to harvest, shoot, catch or clean our own dinners anymore. Let’s hear it for division of labor;
  • We have figured out how to do a lot of things more efficiently and effectively.

Yet with all these advances, where is the progress in spiritual attainment and thought? Why are we still reading the same spiritual talking points from sources that are hundreds of years old?

Is it not conceivable that God has more to say than what is in the Bible? Especially given that mankind is faced every decade with increasingly complex and challenging situations to consider, like nuclear war, mass shootings in elementary schools or the idea of assisted suicide to escape terminal illness, to name a few.

Is it conceivable that God knows we could use some divine input on these new developments? Why would God be silent all these centuries while we read and reread the same book? Why is the spirit of exploration stagnant in this all-encompassing area of our lives? Where are the inquiring minds that created so many other achievements?

The Jews of 2,000 years ago did what we should be doing now:  they opened their minds and hearts to Jesus, who was a virtual stranger to them, and then they walked away from their old religion to embrace the new Christianity. The only difference today is that Jesus is speaking to us through messengers using computers instead of papyrus and bamboo stems.  

Nor has He waited for most of us to snap to the fact that He is still a vibrant presence among us. In 2010, He dictated the following (underlining is mine):

I desire you to realize and accept that the written scriptures you have today leave much to be desired. Many things have been subtracted from them for political reasons, not the least of which is the teaching on reincarnation. Other things have been added onto them, once again for political reasons. Furthermore, many things have been lost to honest mistakes in translations and transcriptions.

I am not thereby saying that the current scriptures do not have value. They do indeed have value, and they do indeed contain keys that some souls have used to discover my inner teachings. Yet, for most people the current scriptures simply are not enough to serve as a stepping stone to the discovery of my inner teachings. Therefore, I want you to know that I Jesus Christ do not want you to confine your studies to the current scriptures. I want you to open your mind and heart and seek truth wherever it can be found. Do not limit God’s ability to bring truth into this world. Do not limit God’s ability to bring truth into your heart and mind, even through an unexpected source.

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels in disguise. The truth of God often appears in disguise. Do not reject the truth simply because you do not like its outer appearance. Those who truly want the truth of God must look beyond all outer appearances to the inner truth that transcends this world.


As Jesus was a virtual stranger to the Jews, he is still a virtual stranger to us until we open our hearts and minds to him today. I will reiterate here that his words can be found at and Just a click away. Go ahead, take the leap.
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