Ascended Masters Speak, Part 7

♥-what-is-a-lightworker-are-you-a-lightworkerby Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

When the ascended master who sponsors the United States addressed the Los Angeles conference in July, he deplored this country’s government “of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite.” Saint Germain, the Hierarch of the current Aquarian Age, proclaimed through messenger Kim Michaels that he had “come to clean up this nation.”

During the formation of the United States, Saint Germain worked unseen to give those most involved – such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin – his vision for America. He holds the spiritual office of Chohan of the Seventh Ray of Freedom, but he said, “America today is not a bastion of freedom in the world. It is a bastion of tyranny and elitism.” Noting that “even many of the Founding Fathers had a mindset of elitism,” he told the audience, “What I sponsored so long ago was what could be manifested at the time.”

His ultimate message to the conference, however, was optimistic, because “America is a process….an ever-self-transcending state.” He focused on three problems that must be solved before this nation can shine forth as an ideal – intolerance, an outdated form of democracy, and the citizens’ attitude toward their government.

“How,” he demanded, “can there be unity, how can there be one nation under God, when there is such intolerance against those who are different from oneself?” He warned, “Once you allow the mindset of intolerance in a nation, there is no one who is free from being the target.” The plainspoken ascended master pointed the finger at some “who call themselves patriots” but “are more intolerant than almost any other people in America.” He said, “They do not capture the Freedom Flame of Saint Germain by their hollow rhetoric and their hoarding of their guns and ammunition.”

Turning from the people to their government, he declared, “America needs to transcend into a new form of democracy.” The present type of government “opens you up to a tremendous manipulation by the power elite.” A representative democracy was never what he wanted, he said, but “it was the only [system] practical…when communication was so much more primitive.” For today’s world he advocated a “more direct form of democracy, where you create and use technology so that people can vote over the Internet.”

There are so many issues in America,” he said, “that should not be decided by a small group of people in Congress, who can all be intimidated or manipulated or bought or persuaded by the power elite.” He described a better process: “There are certain big issues that need to be voted on by the people, and then Congress and the politicians and the government apparatus are simply the servants of executing the details within the framework decided by the people.”

He urged Americans to “take responsibility and claim ownership” of their government. “You cannot manifest a Golden Age matrix for America if the people are suspicious or hostile towards their own government, or if they think that their government is hostile towards them.” He offered a solution: “Get out of your focus on conspiracy theories and this hopeless mindset that things are so bad that nothing can be done. Indeed something can be done, for with God, with the God of Freedom, all things are possible.” In fact, he offered firm encouragement: “The Golden Age is not far away. It has descended through the identity realm, through the mental realm, almost all the way through the emotional realm, not in its ultimate manifestation but in a high enough manifestation to make an earth-shattering difference in America.”

At least two of Saint Germain’s embodiments link him with North America. In one lifetime he was Christopher Columbus, whom, of course, history credits with the discovery of the Americas. He also incarnated as Francis Bacon, who worked for the establishment of the British colonies in North America, and whom Thomas Jefferson called one of the “three greatest men that have ever lived” (along with Locke and Newton). Saint Germain led lives as Joseph, the father of Jesus; Greek philosopher Plato; Samuel, the Old Testament prophet; and many others.

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This is the final installment of posts on the ascended masters that addressed the Los Angeles conference of ascended master students in July 2015.

All quotes are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and used here with his permission.
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  • Daniel R Peterson

    THE IDEA that was presented of having — since we have the computer tools– a direct people’s vote on major decisions like going to war or signing trade agreements hit me especially hard. For one thing the people couldn’t carp that the vote was wrong, they weren’t consulted. And the public servants would only be in charge of implementing the decision, not making the choice. I brought it up on call-in radio (also a good new tool of democracy) more than once, MORE than once.

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