Ascended Masters Speak, Part 6


by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

The living and immortal Jesus Christ denounced the worship of a “false Jesus that has been created by man” when he addressed the Los Angeles ascended master conference in July. The great master delivered his 38-minute speech through Kim Michaels in a firm and often – to use Jesus’ own words – stern manner, referring his listeners to other dictated discourses for the “softness of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.”

“How do you think it feels,” he demanded, that “there are over a billion people who claim to be my followers, yet so few of them are open to my living Word, to the living Presence?” He stated, “The sad fact is that the vast majority of the leaders of Christian churches in America are in exactly the same frame of mind today as the scribes and Pharisees were in when I stood before them in the flesh.”

“Look at the ministers,” he told his audience, “who have abused their power in various ways: money, sex, power, what have you. Look at those who have claimed that certain wars were just wars approved by God or Christ.” He derided the “circus that has been created by Christian churches in America. Look at the major mega-churches, where people come and are exposed to all kind of pageantry that is nothing but cheap entertainment.”

Consequently, “I shall today withdraw my light from all Christian churches in America that are trapped in worshipping the false Jesus.” The practical effect of this action is that “I therefore manifest my Spirit at inner levels for all of the leaders of the Christian churches, and I serve them notice: It is time for you to choose between light and darkness. If you will not choose, then the judgment of Christ will be upon you, and you will be confronted with the full descent of your karma. You may deny karma, you may deny the judgment, you may deny anything you like, but at inner levels you cannot deny that you have been visited by the living Spirit of Christ.”

Jesus drew a distinction between the false leaders and their misguided followers: “There are many wonderful, loving, kind people in Christian movements….I am not insensitive to their great love for me and for humanity.” However, “the worthy offering is not measured by a man-made standard of what it means to do good deeds. It is measured by the standard of Christ: your willingness to transcend your consciousness.” Jesus described a state of mind that he termed “black-and-white thinking,” which accepts without question the traditional religious view. He urged his followers to “step back, look at your thinking, and say, ‘Is this all there is to my mind’s ability to grasp reality, or can I potentially have an experience that is beyond these mental images?’”

For misled believers he painted a dark picture: “If you could see what is going on behind the visible, physical, conscious level, you would instantly remove yourselves from these churches….There are forces of darkness, forces of anti-Christ, satanic forces, that are using the Christian churches of America to steal the light of the good and the pure-intentioned people. By going to these churches every Sunday, pouring out your devotion to what you think is me, you are supporting this entire false hierarchy of Christianity.”

People who accept the teachings of false leaders will find how empty those promises have been: “You will not be saved after this lifetime, as you believe will be the case. You will be confronted with the absolute reality that you have not qualified to enter heaven….You will have to come back into embodiment.” Here Jesus asserted the truth of a doctrine missing from Christianity: “If you continue to listen to the false preachers who deny reincarnation, it will not change the law of God….The fallen beings would have you believe that there are ways to get around it, ways to force God to accept you into the kingdom of heaven. It is all lies!”

What then is the alternative Jesus offers? It is to “touch the hem of the formless God through the Christ consciousness.” This is a state in which you “transcend your consciousness and multiply the talents, instead of burying them in the ground of a man-made idol,” “step back and reach for a higher experience, rather than being attached to a mental image and projecting it upon reality.” This effort brings its reward, backed by Jesus’ promise: “Those who are willing to be part of this movement of manifesting Christhood, those who are willing to use the tools and the invocations to call forth and reinforce the judgment I have pronounced today, I will not forget you. And when you most need it, whether it be while you are still in physical embodiment or whether it be after you leave embodiment and need that extra impetus of light to get you to a higher level, you will find that I will be there for you.”

Jesus addressed not only traditional Christians but also New Agers. For the latter, he had a separate warning: “I am not saying that all who are in that movement are false teachers, but there are many,” and “these lesser gurus…are not interested in taking you to Christ consciousness.” As with false Christian leaders, he had strong words for false New Age gurus: “It is time for you to make the choice between light and darkness, and if you will not, then the judgment of Christ will descend with all of the ramifications this might have. It may not be visible, but it surely will be undeniable.”

To all those who look toward a Golden Age, he said, “There is no Aquarian Age on Earth without Jesus Christ. For I hold the Office of the Hierarch of Pisces, and no one can enter the Aquarian Age or the Aquarian consciousness without going through the office that I hold,” which “is not in any way associated with Christian churches.” Twice near the end of his discourse, Jesus emphasized that he is accessible, echoing his words from the New Testament: “I am with you always.”

Next week:  Saint Germain

All quotes are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and are used here with his permission.
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