Ascended Masters Speak, Part 5


By Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

Two ascended masters who had never spoken before through Kim Michaels emerged in Los Angeles to address the conference. They introduced themselves as the God and Goddess of Love, but their main message focused on what they clearly regard as an enemy of love, the control game.

“Control is incompatible with love,” they said. “There can be no true love when one or both partners are playing a control game.” They explained, “Behind all control games…is the desire to maintain a certain state on Earth over time,” whereas “in a true love relationship you are both transcending yourselves.”

They said their own relationship has grown for eons, though they have never incarnated on Earth. “What human beings call love is not divine love. What human beings call love is so often possessiveness.” On Earth, “your minds have been conditioned to think that the only way to sustain something over time is to maintain it in its present form.” Thus one partner feels the need “to control the other person.”

This type of relationship can even span a number of incarnations. “Many times people meet and fall in love because they recognize each other from past lives….In many cases, they have for many lifetimes been locked in a control game with each other.”

How does a couple break this stalemate? The God and Goddess of Love advised, first of all: “Recognize that whatever partner you have right now is [an] opportunity to transcend yourself and the control game that you are currently trapped in. Why else would you have attracted that partner?” Otherwise, they proposed: “Acknowledge that any intense relationship that ends in conflict exposes a control game in you! It does not matter what control game your ex-partner had or has or is still outplaying.”

They pointed out that spiritual help is available also.  They have released on this planet a “quality of ruby ray fiery love,” which “can consume that which refuses to change.” This challenge to static control games means that people “have to either act out the control game in more and more extreme form, or…transcend it.”

When you and your partner are willing to transcend, they told listeners, “you trust that when you surrender to the flow of love, you will not lose, you will not end up with nothing, you will end up with a higher matrix of love. This is the highest potential.” The alternate may be the end of the relationship: “Go back a hundred years and see that the divorce rate was much lower back then that it is today.” They asked, though, “Do people benefit from living together for an entire lifetime by being locked in a control game? Well…If you look at their cosmic spiritual growth, they do not benefit, for they only reinforce the control game.”

No matter the result, the two ascended masters assured the audience, their release of the ruby ray had not interfered with free will. In fact, the “ascended masters who oversee the evolutions of Earth” came to them asking for help in solving couples’ control problems. The God and Goddess of Love – who do not function “specifically or exclusively for planet Earth, but for a much larger system that goes beyond the physical universe” – found an answer. They were able to implement their solution because a “critical mass of people have been willing to make an effort to move beyond their control games.”

In an address that lasted more than 50 minutes, the God and Goddess promised the group further help in the form of new tools and teachings: “We will give you more on how to…manifest a truly Aquarian love relationship.” They continued, “So many illusions have been created by the fallen beings that it almost defies comprehension and description, but we will describe some of them in the times to come.” At least one other ascended master stands ready to help as well: “Ask Mother Mary, who is more than willing to work with each and every one of you on seeing your control games and who is skilled at this beyond measure.”

The two speakers never gave their names but referred to themselves only by their titles. A possible reason for their coming to a 2015 conference is because it is the year of the third spiritual ray, which corresponds to the heart chakra, signifying love.  The ray’s color is pink, a lighter tint of the intense ruby ray they released.

Next week:  Jesus

All quotes used here are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and are used here with his permission.
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