An End to All Wars


Risen is an inspired new movie about a Roman tribune who participates in the crucifixion of Yeshua and later encounters him again, risen from the dead. Yeshua asks the tribune, “What do you seek?” and the tribune seems unable to find an answer, so Yeshua offers, “A day without death?” and the tribune nods in affirmation. The movie makes a point of showing just how focused on death are warriors and war.

Most career warriors today, including police officers, are hardly aware of a life without war or the warlike mindset in which they live daily, hourly. War and the training to kill robs them of their humanity, replacing it with an amped-up discipline that facilitates a willingness to override the basic human instinct for preservation of the species – specifically, the instinct not to kill human beings for any reason whatsoever.

Help the Ascended Masters Stop War (October 2015) is a new book recently given as a direct revelation by the Ascended Master Mother Mary through her messenger, Kim Michaels. Mother Mary holds the Office of the Divine Mother for all people. She says that if enough people use the tools in this book, the forces of war can be removed within the foreseeable future. Repeat: we can see an end to all wars.

She begins by revealing a new reality of war on planet Earth in the form of forces, human and non-human, who promote and benefit from war. She details war’s devastating, horrific effects on the souls and emotional bodies of war casualties in a startling “tour” of a battlefield’s other dimensions. I speak of the astral, mental and identity realms of existence that co-exist with the physical realm, but which are largely unseen to those in embodiment. The tour is not for the faint of heart.

Most importantly, Mother Mary brings a critical message that it is possible to end all wars on Earth within the next few decades, and that this can happen only if enough people follow her guidance as explained in Help the Ascended Masters Stop War.

How does it work, then, to end all war in such a short time?

Each human being holds a divine spark of the Creator and therefore the authority to co-create with God on planet Earth. This includes commanding higher beings – the ascended masters and archangels – to remove negative and destructive forces from the planet. If we were not sons and daughters of God, this would not be possible.

How do humans command higher beings? Through the power of the spoken word. Sound is more than we’ve been taught it is. “In the beginning was the Word.” The spoken word carries vibrational intentions. It calls the higher beings to action. By literally speaking out – or what the ascended masters refer to as “making calls” – we can effect anything, including the end of war and the myriad causes and influences that create war. Mother Mary’s book provides the calls, also known as invocations.

If enough people make the calls, it will end all wars on the planet. The question, now that we have been given the tools to achieve this, is who will respond to this “call for calls”? It will be tricky for some, because it requires a belief in angels and ascended masters, as well as a belief that we are co-creators with God. Is it such a jump of faith?

I raise my voice and take my stand,

a stop to war I do command,

no more shall warring scar the Earth,

a Golden Age is given birth.


Excerpt from Help the Ascended Masters Stop War © by Kim Michaels (2015), used here with permission.
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  • Daniel R Peterson

    When I was a wild-eyed hippy I wore an army jacket with the words A STANDING ARMY SOON LOOKS FOR SOMETHING TO STAND FOR written an the back. When I got into Church Universal and Triumphant I had to accommodate their philosophy of PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH. I am now a happy hippy/strong advocate for freedom against oppression trying to find a good balance. This book helps a LOT.

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