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A Joyful Ascended Masters Conference 2018

Dear Readers,

The North American Ascended Masters Conference with Kim Michaels was a happy, joyful success. Sixty ascended master students attended in person, and another 23 attended via the real-time live webinar. 

Numerous dictations (messages) were given by the masters, including Saint Germain (naturally), Mother Mary, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Elohim Cyclopea, and Master MORE. In addition, there were several Q&A sessions with the masters, and with Kim Michaels, with questions coming from those in attendance and those attending electronically. The energy and Light raised at all the sessions was remarkable and close to miraculous, because it lasted well beyond the time we were together. 

One of the many highlights of the event was when Saint Germain gave us an inspiring new American Creed for our times. This will be posted here once it has been transcribed. There were also several laughs, prompted by the masters, who remind us that we should remain joyful.

You are invited to go to to access recordings of all the dictations – they are listed under “America 2018” when you click on Members Access. If you haven’t already, you will need to subscribe to the site to access the recordings.



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