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Ascended Masters Speak, Part 5


By Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

Two ascended masters who had never spoken before through Kim Michaels emerged in Los Angeles to address the conference. They introduced themselves as the God and Goddess of Love, but their main message focused on what they clearly regard as an enemy of love, the control game.

“Control is incompatible with love,” they said. “There can be no true love when one or both partners are playing a control game.” They explained, “Behind all control games…is the desire to maintain a certain state on Earth over time,” whereas “in a true love relationship you are both transcending yourselves.”

They said their own relationship has grown for eons, though they have never incarnated on Earth. “What human beings call love is not divine love. What human beings call love is so often possessiveness.” On Earth, “your minds have been conditioned to think that the only way to sustain something over time is to maintain it in its present form.” Thus one partner feels the need “to control the other person.”

This type of relationship can even span a number of incarnations. “Many times people meet and fall in love because they recognize each other from past lives….In many cases, they have for many lifetimes been locked in a control game with each other.”

How does a couple break this stalemate? The God and Goddess of Love advised, first of all: “Recognize that whatever partner you have right now is [an] opportunity to transcend yourself and the control game that you are currently trapped in. Why else would you have attracted that partner?” Otherwise, they proposed: “Acknowledge that any intense relationship that ends in conflict exposes a control game in you! It does not matter what control game your ex-partner had or has or is still outplaying.”

They pointed out that spiritual help is available also.  They have released on this planet a “quality of ruby ray fiery love,” which “can consume that which refuses to change.” This challenge to static control games means that people “have to either act out the control game in more and more extreme form, or…transcend it.”

When you and your partner are willing to transcend, they told listeners, “you trust that when you surrender to the flow of love, you will not lose, you will not end up with nothing, you will end up with a higher matrix of love. This is the highest potential.” The alternate may be the end of the relationship: “Go back a hundred years and see that the divorce rate was much lower back then that it is today.” They asked, though, “Do people benefit from living together for an entire lifetime by being locked in a control game? Well…If you look at their cosmic spiritual growth, they do not benefit, for they only reinforce the control game.”

No matter the result, the two ascended masters assured the audience, their release of the ruby ray had not interfered with free will. In fact, the “ascended masters who oversee the evolutions of Earth” came to them asking for help in solving couples’ control problems. The God and Goddess of Love – who do not function “specifically or exclusively for planet Earth, but for a much larger system that goes beyond the physical universe” – found an answer. They were able to implement their solution because a “critical mass of people have been willing to make an effort to move beyond their control games.”

In an address that lasted more than 50 minutes, the God and Goddess promised the group further help in the form of new tools and teachings: “We will give you more on how to…manifest a truly Aquarian love relationship.” They continued, “So many illusions have been created by the fallen beings that it almost defies comprehension and description, but we will describe some of them in the times to come.” At least one other ascended master stands ready to help as well: “Ask Mother Mary, who is more than willing to work with each and every one of you on seeing your control games and who is skilled at this beyond measure.”

The two speakers never gave their names but referred to themselves only by their titles. A possible reason for their coming to a 2015 conference is because it is the year of the third spiritual ray, which corresponds to the heart chakra, signifying love.  The ray’s color is pink, a lighter tint of the intense ruby ray they released.

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All quotes used here are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and are used here with his permission.
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The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 4


by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

The great spiritual teacher Gautama Buddha came to the Los Angeles ascended master conference in July and issued a warning through messenger Kim Michaels: “The only way the cosmic experiment of America can work, the only way that the melting pot can avoid blowing itself up, is that people learn to see beyond the outer differences and embrace the universal aspect within.”

He announced he had come “to bring forth the judgment of the Buddha upon the many institutions in America that are…seeking to divide and conquer the people and blow on the fires of conflict.” He explained, “This growing tension is a sign that…not enough people have stepped up to the Buddhic consciousness.”

The Christ consciousness alone, he continued, “is not enough for America to fulfill her destiny.” He drew a comparison: “The Christ is the one who hears the cries of the world and goes out to minister to the people, giving them whatever they need in order to come up higher.” Thus, “the Christ consciousness shines a light into the darkness, which reinforces and brings out the contrast.” At the same time, “the Buddhic consciousness allows you to see beyond the contrast and see that the contrast is not real.”

Speaking for nearly three-quarters of an hour, Gautama had harsh words for the form Buddhism has taken in the United States: “The Buddhic movements, the Buddhic teachers that have come to America, have been far too focused on the outer form of Buddhism, rather than the universal elements of it.” To its adherents he said, “You may think it is great pageantry to take on certain Buddhist customs and rituals, but it is not true Buddhism.” Believed to have been born in what is now southern Nepal, he asked, “Do you think that if the Buddha had manifested in the West, he would have taken on these outer forms?”

According to one who preached several centuries before Jesus was born, the Buddhic consciousness can develop only when you “discover and accept the Buddha nature within yourself.” He outlined how this can be done: “You need to surrender, for surrender is the only way to overcome an attachment, and it is your attachments to the world that prevent you from embracing the Buddha.” He pointed out that the doctrine of non-attachment “does not mean that Buddha does not care, does not discern, does not discriminate, between that which helps people grow and that which stops their growth.”

As an example of the latter, he told the group, “Do not fall into the trap seen in so many spiritual communities…where you use the outer teaching to create some kind of standard and then seek to judge yourselves and each other based on that standard.” He assured his listeners, “Truly the ascended masters are not looking to create a community of mindless minions, where everybody is so focused on outer rules that none dare to express individuality.” He said, “You will feel so much lighter, so much freer when you stop judging everything and everyone, including yourself.”

Gautama traced the concept of judgment back to its source: “You have allowed the fallen beings to put upon you one of the many illusions they have invented. You have allowed yourself to believe that you have a deficit in your being.” Here Gautama touched on a concept previously mentioned at the conference by the God and Goddess of Love – the control game. “You must find a way to compensate for the deficit, and that is the birth of all control games,” because, he continued, “once you have judged yourself, the only way to get out of this sense of feeling bad about yourself is by making other people as bad or worse.”

Addressing the conference in its closing hours, Gautama praised attendees: “In  these short days you have been together in this room, you have created a sacred space that is so set apart from the hustle and bustle of the city around you that you are almost not on the same planet…. Allow yourselves to recognize, without any pride of the ego, that you have accomplished a great work for America.”

For more of Gautama Buddha’s teachings posted online, go here.

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All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and used here with his permission.
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The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 3

by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

Archangel Michael, speaking through Kim Michaels on the first full day of the Los Angeles ascended master conference, proclaimed that he had come to shatter what he called a “cloud of this elitist mindset.”

He told the assembly, “You, of course, know that there is a power elite, who has been behind many of the events in history that you identify as being not right, dark, evil,” citing Nazism and Communism. However, he added, “There are many, many elitist groups  that are not what you would call dark or evil but…believe that they are working for the Light.” The problem, he explained, is that “even this can be perverted by certain fallen angels.”

He described the result: “There are so many Christians who believe that they are…doing what Jesus told them to do…[B]ut when you set yourself apart, set yourself above, look down upon other people, you are not truly ministering from the spirit of Christ.”

Archangel Michael continued, “The top ten percent of the most spiritual people in embodiment need to raise their consciousness.” That is why, he went on, at least a part of the elitist mindset must be destroyed. Referring to Lazarus, he issued this powerful command to the ten percent: “Come forth out of this tomb of elitism and…recognize that all human beings on Earth are equal in the eyes of God, in the eyes of Christ, in the eyes of Archangel Michael.”

In a previous dictation through Kim Michaels, Archangel Michael reminded the world that he is “one with the will of God, the power of God” (February 2010). He told the conference, “I have attained great spiritual power.” He is, in fact, the one to whom ascended master students traditionally turn when asking protection from dark forces. Michael serves on the first spiritual ray, which is electric blue in color.

In a 2010 dictation, Michael evoked a vision of himself as he might stand in the old Roman Coliseum: “I come in my full stature, over 12 feet high, clad in blue armor that shines as neon lightning, an intense blue such as no man has ever seen before with the physical eyes. I bring a sword that radiates blue flames.”

Three books of the Bible mention Michael. It is generally thought that Daniel refers to him, though there he is called a prince. Jude 1:9 named him an archangel, and Revelation 12:7 supports the warrior image of traditional art: “There was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon.” In the dictation from 2010, Michael himself corrects that passage: “The dragon fought against me; I did not fight back. I was simply immovable. And in being immovable, I form that mirror that sends back the aggression, the anger, that is sent against me.”

In his discourse at the conference, Michael again talked about how he could be immovable. “But behind that immovability I am infinitely movable, and I am moved with sensitivity and compassion for you and all people on Earth.” Noting that “[t]here is hardly a place in the creation of God that I could not go to if I wished,” he explained in simple words why he stays with Earth: “I love you.”

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All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and used here with his permission.
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The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 2


by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

Though Mother Mary had already given a discourse through Kim Michaels on Saturday (July 18), she stepped forward again the following day with a stunning declaration. She termed it a “release that was not scheduled for this conference” but one that attendees had earned.

Mother Mary, who in her last incarnation on Earth was the mother of Jesus, referred on Sunday to the energy level the audience had displayed after hearing from him the day before. Jesus had announced he was withdrawing his light “from all Christian churches that are trapped in worshipping the false Jesus that has been created by man.” Mother Mary told conference attendees, “Your souls [knew] at inner levels that you had witnessed an important shift for this planet.” She explained, “[That] momentous release required a critical mass of people to be here in order to be most effective.”

During a dictation that lasted only 19 minutes, she issued a proclamation of her own: “I now pronounce the judgment, by the full power of the Divine Mother, which no force in the material universe can withstand. I, Mary, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, the matrix of the murder of the Divine Feminine. It is no more on Earth.”

She acknowledged that, once shattered, the matrix could be recreated in similar form if enough people wished it. For that reason, she urged the audience to make spiritual calls to reinforce her judgment.

Earlier she had spoken of Lemuria, a Pacific continent in the distant past, whose civilization had devoted itself to the Divine Mother. Certain fallen beings had devised a plot to kill the high priestess of the temple, she said, and that act served as a catalyst for the efforts of subsequent ages to diminish the role of women at all levels of society. She noted that a significant number of Lemurians had reincarnated on the western coast of the United States to work to counteract this long-term, massive effect.

Mother Mary holds the spiritual office of the Divine Mother. Michaels had said of her, “I experience her as the gently loving, nurturing mother…. It is truly unique to me that she can be so direct and yet so unconditionally loving at the same time.”

Her Saturday dictation carried the sterner tone to which Michaels seemed to refer. She exhorted her listeners to recognize why they came to Earth, to see the true purpose in the events of their lives, even the unpleasant ones. “Why have you placed yourself in…situations that hurt you, that limited you, that  caused you to go into a temporary downward spiral?” she asked. “Is it because you are stupid? Or is it because you wanted to take this on in order to demonstrate that one can rise above it?”

“You see, my beloved, many of you have come to Earth in order to help shift the collective consciousness,” she explained to the group. “No teaching would ever liberate the majority of the people on this planet. They can only be liberated by seeing an example of how a person who has been as limited as they are can throw off the yoke.”

This process has another purpose too, she added – that of getting rid of guilt and regret, the type of emotions that she called the “final nail that keeps you on the cross.” She pointed out, “You will be free only when you reconnect to the reality that you are an infinite being, that you cannot be damaged or trapped in any form on Earth.”

At that point she spoke about Christhood: “Many of you have come to believe that exercising your Christhood means that you reach some superior superhuman state of consciousness, as you believe Jesus manifested. But I tell you, I was with Jesus from an infant throughout his entire mission, and I saw that he was not the superhuman being that the Christian movement has projected. He also had certain human characteristics. He also had his fears and hesitations.”

Near the end of her half-hour discourse, she said, “Those of you who can hear this dictation came here by choice, and the choice sprang from your love – your love for planet Earth, for the people on Earth, for the cause of the ascended masters, for the upward movement of the entire world of form. Reconnect to that love.”

Mother Mary has given many dictations through Michaels, along with a number of rosaries and invocations. She has inspired him to write several books, among them the trilogy A Course in Abundance.

For more of Mother Mary’s teachings posted online, go here.

All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and are used here with his permission.

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