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The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 1


This is the first of a series of posts on what the Masters told attendees at a gathering of spiritual seekers in Los Angeles in July 2015. Hours of verbal communication, facilitated by messenger Kim Michaels, included addresses and Q&A sessions by Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, the God and Goddess of Love and Gautama Buddha.

The next several posts will address the comments of each Master in turn.

This post will provide a sampling of responses from Saint Germain, Mother Mary and Jesus during two Q&A sessions.

For those unfamiliar with Saint Germain, he also is known as Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus, and has for centuries served as the spiritual sponsor for the United States. He is now the spiritual hierarch of the new 2,000-year age of Aquarius – Jesus was the spiritual hierarch of the 2,000-year age of Pisces. Some of Saint Germain’s other incarnations on this planet include Plato, Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus and St. Alban.


In response to a question about the cause of the sudden emergence of jihadists in Islam, Mother Mary said that it is not possible to analyze the jihadist movement from an intellectual perspective because, “What they are doing does not make sense. There is no logical, rational strategy behind this. There is really no rationale, because these people’s minds are completely taken over by demons in the astral plane.”

Speaking in a smooth, gentle voice, Mother Mary said the only solution is that the jihadists act out their fanaticism to such an extreme that a critical mass of people begin to speak out, particularly moderate Muslims who are willing to reform Islam and create states based on democratic principles that include a separation of church and state.

She added, “I can tell you honestly that this will not get better in the next decade.”

To Do List for the United States

A question directed to Saint Germain asked what his deepest concerns were for the United States. He responded, “My beloved, how long do you have?” to which the audience burst out in laughter. Saint Germain speaks with great energy and fervor, filling the room with his strong, vibrant presence.

He began by saying he doesn’t have one deepest concert, but several:  “The transition into a new form of democracy is very near the top of my list. The transition into a new form of the economy is also very important. The exposure of the power elite, so that the people will see what is going on – but instead of going into fear, will go into determination – is also very high on my list.”

“Of course, a shift in the spiritual awareness is also extremely important because we are not seeking to promote earthly solutions, but spiritual solutions.” He added that the idea is to awaken people to the fact that you cannot uncreate the problems created from the human consciousness unless the human consciousness is first transcended.

“The only solution,” he said, “Is that a critical mass of people wake up and co-create a new reality along with the ascended masters.”

Stock Market

The question was whether hyperinflation was on the horizon in the United States. Saint Germain’s response was that hyperinflation was not currently their greatest concern.

“The greatest danger is a collapse of the stock market as we have talked about recently, as a potential for this fall [2015]. This could, of course, affect other markets as well because, as we have said before, the entire economy is based on perception. It is based on the gambling mindset.”

The Book of Revelation

In response to a request for the exact meaning of the Book of Revelation and its application in our lives, Jesus stepped forward to explain that this book was not a pure revelation because there was much interference from the collective consciousness during the time it was received on Earth, and from the consciousness of the person who received it.

“The Book of Revelation,” he said, “Was not brought forth as a dictation that you are hearing now. Back then, the lower level of the collective consciousness made it impossible for us to give dictations like this, so clearly Christians, and especially Christian fundamentalists, have over-interpreted the value and the purity of the Book of Revelation. This does not mean it is completely invalid. The four gospels were not pure either, and they are not invalid. They can be used in various ways.”

Jesus went on to say there is no ultimate interpretation of anything because as times shift, and as the consciousness of the people is raised, “it becomes possible to interpret certain scriptures in ever-new ways.”

Speaking in a voice that is sometimes commanding, sometimes fluid and graceful, with varying inflection and rhythm typical of a great orator, Jesus said he did not intend to release anything on the Book of Revelation at this time. “I would rather bring forth a completely new teaching for this age than go back and interpret from the past. I know one can say that, since this book has been influential in the Christian movement, it would be valid to address it. I do not disagree, but I choose to say I will focus on bringing forth new teachings because, by my commenting through a messenger on the Book of  Revelation, I would still not reach the people who pay attention to the Book of Revelation. Therefore, I would rather reach those people who are more open to new teachings.”

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Ukraine and Russia Conflict

In response to a question asking what people can do to promote world peace beyond giving the Mother Mary’s 500 Vigil, Saint Germain addressed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“For the Ukraine conflict to end, it will take two things: one is that the Ukrainian people shift their level of consciousness upwards where they become willing to take responsibility for their own nation, and bring about the changes that obviously need to happen.” He also prescribed a shift in Russia, “beginning with Vladimir Putin going out of embodiment.” He added that, because the mass consciousness of the Russian people is holding him alive, Putin is currently living beyond his natural life span.

He further explained that all individuals have a natural life span based on karma and the level of consciousness of a person when he or she is born. “People can do something to shorten or extend that natural life span. If they are directly abusive of others, or abuse power, they will shorten their lifespan. They can, of course, also do good deeds and transcend their  consciousness and thereby extend it.”

“But you understand that a person can come to the point where his or her natural life span has run out. But if they are in a public position, they can steal so much energy from the people under them that it keeps them alive beyond that cutoff point. And so this is literally the situation in Russia, and it is what keeps Vladimir Putin in embodiment at this point, for his time was up a year and a half ago.”

He added that Putin does not feel threatened by NATO, nor is he concerned about Ukraine. He believes NATO will not attack as long as he is passive. Yet he needs the Ukraine conflict to maintain and expand his image for the Russian people.

Ending on a hopeful note, Saint Germain said that because the Russian people are raising their consciousness through spiritual pursuits, they have brought Russia very close to a point where the “strong leader syndrome” can be given up and that nation can bring forth a new era and a new consciousness.

Decline of American Influence

Asked about a conflict between the U.S., Russia and China, Saint Germain said these nations are being used by certain demons and fallen beings who are competing for world domination. He added that there is no inherent conflict among the peoples of these nations, despite the Cold War of the past. Then he said something else:

“The United States will, in the coming decades, lose influence. Russia will not gain much terrain, but China and India will attain more dominance, both economic and political. And they will do this for one simple reason:  more people are embodied there than in the United States or Russia.”

He went on: “As we have said before, it is our goal to bring 10 billion people into physical embodiment. We are some ways from that goal and you can look at the countries that have, for various reasons, lowered the birth rate so that there are not as many opportunities for souls to embody in those countries. And it is clear that, by this one act of limiting the size of the population, a country will limit its own influence on the world stage. I know well that you can say that China, with its one-child policy, has also limited the number of souls, but nevertheless, there are still over a billion souls embodying in that country. And more in India, and in the entire Southeast Asian area. So you will see a shift. It is simply inevitable, for it is not likely that the Western nations will increase the birth rate within the next decade.”

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For information on accessing the sound files for all conference dictations and Q&A sessions, go here to subscribe. Or go here to access free transcripts as they become available.

All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and are used here with his permission.  Hubble shot courtesy of ESA/Hubble.

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Ascended Master Students Gather in LA


In July, I attended my first gathering of Ascended Master students and spiritual seekers in LA for five days, listening as Kim Michaels served as messenger for a number of Ascended Masters to speak to us. It was the most uplifting and enlightening experience I have ever had because we were not there for anything less than to help the planet and all its people.

Attendees flew in from across the U.S. and other continents to be there. I made many new friends from the U.S., Canada, Korea, Australia, Ukraine, Denmark, Estonia, Romania and Africa. I met an architect, two college professors, a retired labor and delivery nurse, a civil engineer, a writer, a psychologist and a talk radio host and several college students. The ages ranged from young adults to seniors.


We listened to the Masters address world peace, the economy, our personal spiritual development, love, life’s challenges, and how to make a real difference in the world. We received truly unique insights, meaningful encouragement and a deep and abiding sense of peace and well-being that stayed with us well after the last session. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for days – nor did I want to.

For much of the weekend, we were in the unseen but definitely palpable presence of the Ascended Masters:  Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, and the God and Goddess of Love. These beings, who have never abandoned humanity, gave talks that encouraged and comforted us, and challenged us to work with the Mother Light to raise the planet by raising our consciousness, and thus raising all on the planet. Simultaneously, we received Light – much Light. It was the best high, ever.


After I got home, I emailed several attendees to ask why they were drawn to the teachings of the Masters as experienced through Kim and his websites, books and recordings. Here are some of their responses:

“When I discovered the ARJ [] site and started to read the answers given on different topics, I immediately felt I came in contact with a higher kind of knowledge and wisdom. The most significant thing while reading the answers was that not only my desire for knowledge was satisfied, but my entire soul and heart were filled with light, with energy of a higher vibration. In that moment, I knew that there is truth here and I can trust it.” – Iulian D.

“I was in the presence of Ascended Master consciousness in a mystery school many years ago. It didn’t take me long to recognize ‘the voice’ of the Ascended Masters – their words resonate as truth from within. I am so happy to be studying again as an Ascended Master student.” Charles T.

“When I first found Jesus’ dictations, I could hardly believe such a wondrous thing could be true. I prayed that I not be gullible, but I soon found that the readings were like letters from a dear old friend, bringing back warm memories.” – Jane R.

“I was a seeker of truth all of my life. I believe I was led step-by-step to many different teachings as I was ready for them. With the others, it was typically a matter of months before I felt the push to look for something different. I’ve been with ARJ now for nine years and while I still look occasionally, I’ve truthfully found nothing that compares.” – Tom M.

“[This] was the first conference I ever attended and I am happy that I did. Seeing Kim and hearing him made a great difference for me. I used to receive invitations and awards from organizations and people who claimed to give spiritual life skills advice, which they did not have. They even hid their addresses and made everything a secret. That is over and I see and talk with real people now, people who are real and stand for truth and spiritual/divine power.” – Bongfen F.


“One thing that has deeply resonated with me is the insistence of the Ascended Masters to put our attention upon the ‘beam in our own eye.’ Although I grew up in a Christian church, this teaching, although found in the Bible, was never explained nor given the attention like it has been by the Ascended Masters. It has allowed me to see I have control over my own life.” – Erick H.

“I have been a participant at many new age studies & events & found them to be filled with ‘love & light’ which was nice to be around but I found affirmations and white lighting everything & denial of anything that was not ‘love & light” didn’t clear out or address deep unworthiness in me and/or the behaviors of the people I met. Christianity was my upbringing & didn’t answer the questions I had & kept me in that state of trying to be ‘good’ & seeking approval from others as to what that meant, which didn’t bring me peace & happiness either. The teachings through Kim Michaels provide a truth – that there is darkness in us – but it’s not who we really are – and gives tools that work to strip these negative behaviors away. This is the only form of teaching/spirituality that has given me acceptance of myself & the path & peace & a real sense of worth.” – Sharon F.

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The dictations are direct when it comes to addressing dark forces and astral beings, as this is a seldomly discussed topic in the spiritual and New Age communities. The Ascended Masters here are very open, blunt, and have nothing to hide. Therefore they will not ignore or skirt around  this issue in the manner that other ‘highly advanced channeled beings’ do.” – Wendy N.

“For me personally, I follow this path because it provides simple teachings, tools and exercises that have brought me an understanding of why I am here, what I can do, how to do it and a deep inner connection to the real me that no church or institution has ever provided, a truth that resonates in my heart.” – Susan V.

“I know the teachings through Kim are right on, because I know how I was led to them and I feel it in my heart. They help me in a very practical way to adjust my thinking so that I can adjust my consciousness and perspective on myself, the world and life.” – Rosemarie R.

“I have been attending these conferences since 2008, every single one in many parts of the world. Why? Because I know that I am on planet Earth to serve all life by being an instrument that God can use to do works through me as he did through Jesus. When people are gathered together of their own accord and free will, then Jesus himself continues his works of Love through us and to know Him as He really is, is ‘to be’ all that I can be. The only way to know God is to be God-in-Action right here on Earth, for when God said ‘whom shall I send?’ there was only one single answer, ‘Send me Lord! I will go and be the open door that no man can shut,’ and for me this is reality.” – Sandy S.

Next post:  What the Masters told us.


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