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How to Evaluate Spiritual Teachings

IMG_0035Through his messenger, Kim Michaels, Jesus continues to bring forth invaluable teachings today. Here is one of Jesus’ teachings on how to evaluate spiritual teachings given through messengers today and in the recent past.

Jesus says:

  • There is an Alpha and Omega side to progressive revelation. The Alpha is that new, more advanced teachings are released, teachings that could not be released earlier, either because of divine mandate or because humankind’s consciousness was not ready for them. In other words, we give revelation today that builds upon but goes beyond what was released in the past. The Omega aspect is that we make our teachings more easily accessible and understandable for a broader audience. This means teachings are explained in a more direct and straightforward way, often using a more normal form of language.
  • Does the teaching bring forth something that is genuinely new? A particular organization is designed to bring forth a certain teaching for a certain level of consciousness. For example, the Summit Lighthouse organization was meant to bring forth teachings within a certain framework (not the ultimate teaching for the Aquarian age, as there is no such teaching). Another messenger may pick up that torch and bring forth a more detailed teaching within the same framework, but it has to be beyond what was already given. Otherwise, it will not be released from the Ascended Host but will be the messenger imposing his or her belief system upon the flow of the Spirit.
  • At some point a new messenger must go beyond the old teaching and bring forth more than was given in the old. Otherwise, the movement will stall and rise no higher. An example of this was Lotus Ray Ballard who continued as messenger for the I AM Movement for many years without actually bringing forth anything new.
  • Does the teaching challenge you to come up higher or does it make you comfortable where you are? As I said, people can catch the Spirit, and some messengers have even had a more direct sponsorship for a time, but if they do not multiply their talents and self-transcend, the sponsorship will be withdrawn and the Spirit will now stay within certain boundaries, defined by what people are unwilling to surrender. The flow of the Spirit might continue, but the teachings are no longer coming from the Ascended Host. They might come from a person’s higher self, from the collective consciousness of the members or from beings in the mental or emotional realm. Some of these beings might indeed be impersonating ascended masters. One might even say that the Holy Spirit is ALWAYS a transcending Spirit, so if a person or organization is not self-transcending, it is no longer the Holy Spirit but a lesser spirit. Some messengers can lose the Holy Spirit but because they are not willing to give up their outer position, they become open to a lower Spirit and some of the followers cannot tell the difference.
  • Does the teaching make sense? Is it consistent? Is it useful or does it simply regurgitate words? Is it all fluff – perhaps with flowery words – but has no substance? A complete teaching will have both the vibration of the Spirit and genuine content – it will have the fullness of Alpha and Omega.
  • Is the teaching practical? Does it help you transform your daily life and solve some of the problems you face in the modern world, which is in many respects more complex than any previous time?
  • It is, of course, also part of the picture to evaluate the organization and its leaders. Are they walking their talk in terms of embodying the teachings? This does not mean people have to be perfect. But it does mean they have to be willing to continually transcend themselves, which includes admitting one’s imperfections and surrendering them (doing whatever psychological healing work is necessary to accomplish this).

As an example of the progression in the delivery of the word, you will see that the language and the concepts released through Theosophy were very difficult to understand, often because they were deliberately expressed in an ambiguous way with complex language. This can be a restriction imposed by the messenger, either because of his/her ability/inability to use words or the messenger’s clarity of mind (or lack of it). It takes a very clear and neutral mind to express complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, whereas a clouded mind can express concepts in a clouded language.

Today, humankind has risen beyond the level of awareness they had a century ago, so we can now speak in a way that is far more direct and unambiguous – although we still leave certain things unsaid in order to give room for people’s individual discernment. There are some who prefer the old ways and think that the harder a teaching is to understand, the more sophisticated it must be. However, remember what I said earlier about secret societies giving rise to pride over having a teaching that the general population does not have.

There are also some people who wonder how much more revelation we have to bring forth, sometimes believing in the claim that a certain organization has brought forth some ultimate teaching. Yet I can assure you that the amount of progressive revelation that we can bring forth is unlimited. Progressive revelation is progressive precisely because it never stops. We have many more things to say and we have many new ways of describing timeless truths in order to make them easier to grasp for people in this particular time.

In reality, the most sophisticated spiritual teaching is the one that can be grasped and internalized by the greatest number of people. We are beyond the age of elitism, so we are looking for messengers who can express truth in a clear, unambiguous and straightforward manner. And we are looking for students who can appreciate this and become part of spreading the word to as many people as possible – changing the entire tone of the religious debate, as Maitreya calls for his his book [Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom].

We of the Ascended Host were never in the consciousness of elitism – although many of our students have been and continue to be. It is time to leave those nets behind and become fishers of men in the Aquarian waters – in which the secret of life is given to all who have ears to hear.

[Emphases are added. This full discourse may be found here.]

All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (various years) and are used here with his permission.

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