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What is the Meaning of Life?


“Most people … do not understand that the state of consciousness from which they ask a question often prevents them from finding a meaningful answer.

“In today’s world many people subscribe to a scientific materialistic belief system. This belief system states that there is nothing beyond the material world and that if a theory proposes a non-materialistic cause, the theory is unscientific. It follows that life on Earth is a product of a random process, and thus the question of the meaning of life simply cannot be answered within the context of the materialistic belief system. If everything is random, how could life possibly have any meaning?

“Other people subscribe to an orthodox religion which states that everything is the product of the will of an external deity, often portrayed as an angry being in the sky. Yet if you have no freedom to choose your own path in life, how can your life have any meaning? If you are nothing more than a puppet on a string, there is no meaning to your individual existence. If you cannot choose and learn from your choices, how can you possibly grow? And without conscious growth, how can life have meaning?

“In both cases, people’s state of consciousness and their belief systems, prevent them from finding a meaningful answer to the question about the meaning of life. This has caused many people to ignore the question, while others use their belief system to define an ‘infallible’ answer or define the question as irrelevant. Yet it is a fact that human beings have been wondering about the meaning of life for a very long time. Thus, the very fact that people continue to ask this question should be an indicator that somewhere in your being is an inner knowledge that the question has an answer.

The reason you have not discovered the answer is that this answer cannot be found within the confines of your current belief system and world view. Thus, you face the simple choice that is the precursor to all human progress. Will you look beyond your existing beliefs in order to find the higher understanding that will open the door for your question to be answered, or will you cling to your present beliefs and close the door to the answer?

“Humankind moved beyond the stage of the cave dwellers only because some people were willing to look beyond their existing world view and consider that there could be a better way to live…”

These passages are excerpted from “Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom,” a book in which Lord Maitreya – who is a highly evolved being and Jesus’ Teacher – explains who we are and where we came from – and a lot more.


Photos Courtesy of ESA/Hubble


Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, by Kim Michaels, copyright 2007, quotes used here by permission.

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