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Of Sails and Spiritual Teachers


In the movie Cast Away, Chuck Noland – played by Tom Hanks – has been alone on a small island in the South Pacific for two years when he decides to take his own life by hanging himself with a handmade rope wrapped around a wobbly log on a cliff. His attempt fails when it all collapses. Two years later, he finds a way off the island when the tide washes up a metal door that he uses as a sail for a handmade raft. Some time later, at a friend’s home, he reminisces about the failed suicide attempt and being lost at sea: “I had power over nothing!”

“That’s when this feeling came over me like a warm blanket,” he continued. “I knew somehow that I had to stay alive. Keep breathing. Even though I had no reason to hope and all my logic said that I would never see [home] again. So I did. I kept breathing. Then one day that logic was proven all wrong because that tide came in and gave me a sail. And now I’m back. In Memphis. Talking to you…”

Chuck is crushed that his fianceé married someone else while he was gone, but he has a plan. He says, “I know what I have to do now. I have to keep breathing, because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide will bring?

Yes, it’s just a screenplay, but it’s a very good one, isn’t it? Like all good stories, it reflects the human condition and the value of hope and positivity because, honestly, we never know what is going to happen next. Nor do we know what the tide will bring to help us out. A similar self-rescue story is Gravity, a movie about a woman who finds courage she didn’t know she had.

Last year around this time (March), I actually wrote down these words from Cast Away because something about them was compelling. I had heard and read that everyone has two kinds of spiritual assistance:  1) a group of Spirit Guides who individually rotate in and out of our lives as our needs change, and 2) one Spiritual Teacher who is with us throughout our entire life.

I had begun wondering, “Who and where is my Spiritual Teacher? How do I connect with my Spiritual Teacher?” I think you could say it was my version of waiting for a sail. I was weary of wondering why we’re here and what it all means.

One day I was prompted to start poking around on the Web and this is when I found I immediately began reading the enormous amount of material it offered. I was intrigued by the many discourses and Q&A responses on this site because they were so intelligent, logical and compassionate. Complex principles were explained with care, unfolding one idea in order to express another idea that followed logically from the first.

Ideas like the compassionate reason for reincarnation. The Law of Free Will (or Cause and Effect). How the orthodox churches lost the most essential messages of 2,000 years ago. How Jesus had come to show us how we could do what he did, not to set himself up as an unattainable ideal. How it is our responsibility to save ourselves. How we can connect directly to Jesus and the Ascended Masters – people who DID  do what he did – for regular guidance on saving ourselves.

So many concepts that I suspected were real were confirmed as real in these astounding readings. It all clicked for me. And I am putting all this out on the Web through the website you are now reading in order to point the way to these discourses and responses, so that more people may discover it and choose to follow the Masters in the way Jesus intended.

Don’t read another word of mine. Go! now, to, or, or Then, when you’re primed and ready, go to for the tools to begin on the path back to God.

This is our sail.  This is our way home.

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