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Jesus Speaks…


The following excerpts from dictations by Jesus are from The Mystical Teachings of Jesus,by Kim Michaels, More to Life Publishing, 2013

ON THE LIVING CHURCH:  I did not intend to become known as the only person to ever walk the earth in the fullness of Christ consciousness. I am a spiritual teacher. The only way for any teacher to be successful is to duplicate himself by raising his students to the same level of consciousness as the teacher. I am the teacher of Christ consciousness, and it was my intention to duplicate myself and to have numerous other people walk the earth in the fullness of their individual Christhood. (page 236)

ON DIRECT COMMUNICATION:  So many people have allowed themselves to believe that they cannot know or experience me directly, that they must go through some outer organization or doctrine. I am not here to condemn or find fault with any organization or doctrine. Yet I must point out to you that you have the ability to commune with me in your heart.

An outer organization or teaching has one purpose and one purpose only, namely to help you rise to a level of  consciousness where you can commune directly with me, your Jesus. If the organization fulfills that purpose, all is well. If it does not then it has shut me out, and therefore it can have no part with me.

Human beings have fallen into a lower state of consciousness, and they need help to get back on their spiritual feet. A person who has fallen and broken a leg might need a set of crutches to learn how to walk again. Before you have learned to walk on your own, you can gain great help and support from using crutches. Yet when you have grown strong and learned to hold your balance, you must decide to take that first step without the crutches. If you insist on holding on to the crutches, you will limit your ability to walk in the Light of my Presence.

There is a way that seems right until a human, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. The false way is the belief that you can reach me only through someone or something outside yourself.

There is also a straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life. The true way is an inner walk with me. These teachings (as any other teachings about me) are not the way. They are meant to point you towards the inner path of the heart. Open your mind and heart to me, and I will show you the true path.

Follow that path, and you will make it back home to our Father’s kingdom, where I am waiting for you with open arms and a heart that overflows with a very personal love for you. (page 15)

ON PROGRESSIVE REVELATION:  The brutal fact about the current state of affairs on planet earth is that human beings have accepted so many lies, so many erroneous concepts, so many unbelievable ideas that even I, Jesus, find it difficult to know where to begin. You have grown up in a culture that is so permeated by erroneous concepts that one might say that your mind is encaged in a labyrinth. The labyrinth has many blind alleys, and it has only one way that leads to the center of being.

I clearly see that human beings are entrapped in a jungle of lies. I also know the truth and reality of God. The problem is that in trying to impart this truth to you, I must begin at your present level of consciousness. I cannot possibly give you truth in its purest form because in your present state of consciousness your imagination simply cannot cope with that truth. Likewise, your free will cannot accept a truth that is so different from the lies and errors that you have come to accept and that you have incorporated into the very fabric of your being — your sense of identity.

Please take a look at the Bible. Please recognize that the Law of Moses was given to a group of people who were trapped in a very low state of consciousness. That is why this law is a set of commandments, saying: “do this” and “don’t do that.” It was given to spiritual children who needed a very simple set of rules. It was aimed at changing their outer actions.

Now, compare the Law of Moses to the higher law that I brought forth in the Sermon on the Mount and other teachings. For example, I said that it is not enough to abstain from the outer act of adultery. You must overcome the state of consciousness that makes you desire to commit adultery. In other words, it is not enough that you do not commit an outer act that is wrong. You must rise above the state of consciousness in which you desire to commit such an act. My teachings attempted to transform people’s state of consciousness.

For anyone with an open mind, it should be easy to see that the teachings I gave 2,000 years ago represented a progression compared to the Law of Moses. The reason for this progression is that between the time of Moses and my appearance in Israel, humankind had progressed. Humankind had risen to a higher state of consciousness, and therefore people were now ready to receive a higher understanding and a higher teaching; even a higher law.

It is completely and utterly amazing to me that some people can seriously believe that the teachings I gave forth 2,000 years ago represent the ultimate or highest teachings that God could ever bring forth on this planet.

Let me make this absolutely clear. The teachings that I gave 2,000 years ago were not the highest or ultimate teachings that God can bring forth on this planet. My teachings were nothing more than the highest teachings that could be brought forth at the time, given humankind’s state of consciousness.

My teachings were incomplete, and they were limited in many ways. That limitation was not due to a limitation on the part of God or on the part of his mouthpiece, meaning myself. That limitation was due to the fact that humankind was not ready to receive a higher teaching. One might say that my teachings represent a measured response to a crisis. It was not the highest possible response; it was the highest practical response.

Today humankind has progressed to a higher state of consciousness, and therefore I can now bring forth a higher teaching than I did 2,000 years ago. This book is but one chapter in my teachings for this new age. (page 29)

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