The Ascended Masters Speak, Part 4


by Jane Stewart Robertson, Guest Writer

The great spiritual teacher Gautama Buddha came to the Los Angeles ascended master conference in July and issued a warning through messenger Kim Michaels: “The only way the cosmic experiment of America can work, the only way that the melting pot can avoid blowing itself up, is that people learn to see beyond the outer differences and embrace the universal aspect within.”

He announced he had come “to bring forth the judgment of the Buddha upon the many institutions in America that are…seeking to divide and conquer the people and blow on the fires of conflict.” He explained, “This growing tension is a sign that…not enough people have stepped up to the Buddhic consciousness.”

The Christ consciousness alone, he continued, “is not enough for America to fulfill her destiny.” He drew a comparison: “The Christ is the one who hears the cries of the world and goes out to minister to the people, giving them whatever they need in order to come up higher.” Thus, “the Christ consciousness shines a light into the darkness, which reinforces and brings out the contrast.” At the same time, “the Buddhic consciousness allows you to see beyond the contrast and see that the contrast is not real.”

Speaking for nearly three-quarters of an hour, Gautama had harsh words for the form Buddhism has taken in the United States: “The Buddhic movements, the Buddhic teachers that have come to America, have been far too focused on the outer form of Buddhism, rather than the universal elements of it.” To its adherents he said, “You may think it is great pageantry to take on certain Buddhist customs and rituals, but it is not true Buddhism.” Believed to have been born in what is now southern Nepal, he asked, “Do you think that if the Buddha had manifested in the West, he would have taken on these outer forms?”

According to one who preached several centuries before Jesus was born, the Buddhic consciousness can develop only when you “discover and accept the Buddha nature within yourself.” He outlined how this can be done: “You need to surrender, for surrender is the only way to overcome an attachment, and it is your attachments to the world that prevent you from embracing the Buddha.” He pointed out that the doctrine of non-attachment “does not mean that Buddha does not care, does not discern, does not discriminate, between that which helps people grow and that which stops their growth.”

As an example of the latter, he told the group, “Do not fall into the trap seen in so many spiritual communities…where you use the outer teaching to create some kind of standard and then seek to judge yourselves and each other based on that standard.” He assured his listeners, “Truly the ascended masters are not looking to create a community of mindless minions, where everybody is so focused on outer rules that none dare to express individuality.” He said, “You will feel so much lighter, so much freer when you stop judging everything and everyone, including yourself.”

Gautama traced the concept of judgment back to its source: “You have allowed the fallen beings to put upon you one of the many illusions they have invented. You have allowed yourself to believe that you have a deficit in your being.” Here Gautama touched on a concept previously mentioned at the conference by the God and Goddess of Love – the control game. “You must find a way to compensate for the deficit, and that is the birth of all control games,” because, he continued, “once you have judged yourself, the only way to get out of this sense of feeling bad about yourself is by making other people as bad or worse.”

Addressing the conference in its closing hours, Gautama praised attendees: “In  these short days you have been together in this room, you have created a sacred space that is so set apart from the hustle and bustle of the city around you that you are almost not on the same planet…. Allow yourselves to recognize, without any pride of the ego, that you have accomplished a great work for America.”

For more of Gautama Buddha’s teachings posted online, go here.

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All quotes in this article are copyrighted by Kim Michaels (2015) and used here with his permission.
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